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The president of Udmurtiya has renominated the Minister of Health

Today, on April, 27th the decree of the president renominates the Minister of Health of Udmurtiya. Alexander Volkov in March declared to the press that will consider a new nominee of the Minister of Health. But the minister probably did not have worthy rivals, and   Sergey Subbotin became one of the last, whose nominee in the cabinet was confirmed by the president. However, the contract with the new minister is signed   only till September, then the nominee will be reconsidered again. We will remind that Sergey Petrovich since 2006 holds this fast.

So, the cabinet is completely generated. And in the near future the contract with Larissa Lukinsky, the chairman of committee on affairs the REGISTRY OFFICE and Nadezhdoj Korobejnikovoj, the chairman of Committee on affairs of archives comes to an end at the Government Ur, skore all on their places new faces will come.

we Will remind that   One more vitse - a premiere the chairman of the government Yury Pitkevich will present tomorrow at regular session of the State Council Ur.

the FILE

Sergey Subbotin. Was born on August, 10th, 1959 in with. Old Zjattsy Jakshur - Bodinsky area. Higher education, the Izhevsk state medical institute has ended. The candidate of medical sciences.

In 1982 - 2002 worked as the doctor - the intern on surgery of the First republican clinical hospital, the head physician of Old Zjattsinsky hospital Jakshur - Bodinsky area, the head physician of Open Company Sanatorium Uva .

With 2002 for 2006 - the head of administration of Uvinsky area.