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Petersburgers beat each other from - for plush doggies

the Photo: littleone. ru

Scandal has burst round the advertising action which is spent by one of networks of hypermarkets. Its essence is very simple. Buyers received coupons which needed to be pasted in the special booklet for each two hundred roubles. In total it was necessary to collect 64 labels. That is clients should spend 12 800 roubles. After that buyers could exchange the booklet for a nice plush dog. Dogs were six breeds: dalmatians, bassets, bulldogs, spaniels, Pekineses and pugs.

businessmen have adopted Idea of the company at the European colleagues. But experts in marketing who have known inside out similar actions, could not assume that the advertising course will call such boom. The action has been planned till April, 20th. However in February all bought toys have found the owners.

- Yes this has surrendered to me sobachentsija?! - Tells Vera Garmashova. - Me to buy a new toy easier. But here the daughter has seen pesika in a hypermarket and not to live - has wanted not to be such. But at me it is a lot of friends in this action has participated. They take offence. Here understand, what thing. You collect these stickers, you paste in the booklet and you are gradually involved, as if any collector. Will - bondage you wait, when the toy in thy hands will appear. And like all has already made, and at the latest stage - a regional ohm! Moreover also it is necessary to run from a hypermarket to a hypermarket in search of a toy From here and there was such negative.

In addition it has been bought three hundred more thousand plush dogs
the Photo: the Press - service of a network of hypermarkets the Roundabout

Buyers as if at the time of deficiency, waited in shops, when employees will throw out the goods. Workers of a hypermarket rolled out in a hall the cart with plush dogs and there and then escaped from it. Being pushed, participants of the action have literally swept away the goods. And those to whom have got, converged nothing in hand-to-hand fight.

Has reached even that near to one of hypermarkets has taken place small spontaneous meeting of those who did not manage a toy. Some tens persons demanded to give out to them of unfortunate doggies.

In the company which has organised the action, recognised the miscalculations. Experts expostulated that the action is supposedly spent for the first time. Nobody expected such agiotage.

- New party of doggies already on the way, - has promised responsible for the action. - already in the beginning of February we have reserved additional circulation of puppies. Toys sew at factory in Europe, they need time to reach Russia. But cargo already in a way and soon we will start to give out toys again. All who has not had time to receive the small friend, by all means it will receive. In the future we, of course, will plan more carefully quantity of gifts.

In addition it has been bought three hundred more thousand plush dogs. All of them will soon find the new residence.