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The favourite Megaphone is more tasty pelmeni

Once my friend Alexey has come home late at night fairly drunk and awfully hungry. Mother has left for work at night. Alexey has undressed, has come on kitchen, has thrown clothes on a floor, truth phone akkuratnenko has taken out from a pocket and has put on a kitchen table. Are for quite some time now sonorous and sms - messages of a steel for it favourite employment.

Not so long ago it was connected to the Megaphone. Earlier it used communication of other operators and has understood that it is better than communication earlier did not see. On the Megaphone cheaply, stir how much will get, moreover and communication excellent. And so, Alexey, having admired a bit phone, has approached to a plate, but, unfortunately, anything prepared from meal there has not found. And is - that very much would be desirable... Hardly trudging, it has reached the refrigerator, has opened a freezer and has pulled out a pack of pelmeni. Has opened it hardly, vyvylil contained in a pan, has filled in with water, has brought a match and... A call.

Alexey has seized phone from a table. Its favourite girl-friend from whom he stirred hours at leisure called. Alexey was delighted, has talked with it, probably, half an hour. And has then remembered that very much it would be desirable to eat, has said goodbye to the girl, has approached to a plate, has laid out pelmeni in a plate and, without feeling under itself feet, doplyolsja to a table and has begun to eat greedily the favourite pelmeni with the great pleasure. Was full and has gone to bed.

mum in the Morning has come, has approached to the sleeping Alexey, has woken him and asks: You again the drunk have come yesterday? . Alexey: Well, was such . Mother: You cooked pelmeni of half-night, yes? . Alexey: Well . Mother: Also ate them? . Alexey: Aha, ate . Mother: And how, it was tasty? . Alexey: very much! . Mother: I am glad that it was pleasant to you, but only you next time before to cook pelmeni, a gas cooker do not forget to kindle, boiled pelmeni will be more tasty.

Here such funny history!

Here so the favourite Megaphone has appeared more important boiled pelmeni everyone there!




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