Rus News Journal

The person from phone - a surprise from the Megaphone!

recently, after employment at institute I have gone to square nearby to wait there the friends - classmates. Weather was simply a class! The sun! In the sky a cloudlet! Birdies please hearing, smiles of people please an eye, the presentiment something light and happy heats soul. The spring mood has captivated all space surrounding me, and from it was so fine to be in this perfect place. Friends were late, could not hand over last offset in any way, and I sat on a shop, waited for them and admired in the spring.

It was quiet and silent. The call was suddenly distributed: Katya, take phone, it it, it he calls! again this song... On - to mine, already all Katyas of our country, except me, have put themselves this melody. And why this Katya so long does not take the call? So, stop. The call is distributed from - under shops! I see phone, lovely such, rozovenky, with a suspension bracket in the form of a kitten. If not its external appearance, most likely I have escaped at once, having been frightened of a suspicious unknown call! Katya, take phone! - all shouted dinamik more loudly and more loudly! The hand itself was pulled to a tube, heart has solved all for me and as already often happened, it has not brought.

- Hallo... - I have modestly said.

- Katyas, it you? - The man has asked a pleasant voice.

- Yes

- Where my sister?

- I do not know, but with pleasure I will return loss!

the Meeting has not kept itself waiting long, in an hour the young man from phone already went to me with colours. That is the man of my dream, I have understood at first sight!

Now we together, and I am very grateful to the Megaphone for this improbable gift of destiny!




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