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Krasnoyarsk citizens can buy products and saplings is cheaper

In all disctricts of the city, since April and till the end of May, will pass spring mini - fairs. Berezovsky`s landowners, Emeljanovsky, Balahtinsky, Suhobuzimsky areas of edge will sell Here food, and also firm viands will expose the largest food companies of a city. The prices for meat, milk, bakery products, sweets and other delicacies - on 10 - 15 % below store. At the height of a summer season did not remain without attention and gardeners. At spring fairs it is possible to buy cheaply seeds, sprouts of tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables, and also saplings of colours, bushes of fruit-trees and various tools for a summer residence. All fairs will work from 11 mornings and till the evening.

where will pass fairs:

Area the Venue Date That offer
Central street Kachinsky, 64 (the area before the Central market) on April, 30th Universal: Products, saplings of vegetables, colours and bushes, garden stock
Sverdlovsk street of 60 years of October, 46 (the area before a building of regional administration) on May, 9th Universal: products, saplings of plants, vegetables, colours, garden stock
Lenin street of 26 Baku commissioners, 31 (TK KrasTets ) on May, 29th Universal: products, saplings of vegetables, colours and bushes, garden stock
October street of Kalinin, 169 Daily, and till the end of May For gardeners: saplings of vegetables, colours, bushes, sadovo - garden stock
Railway street Novosibirsk, 7 Daily, and till the end of May Universal: products, saplings and sadovo - garden stock
  street of Kalinin, 2 in Daily Universal
  street of Lomonosov, 94 Daily Universal
  street Krasnomoskovsky, 25 Daily Universal
Soviet avenue of Metallurgists, 22 (the area before a recreation centre Work ) on May, 15th Food

the Additional information can be specified by phones: (391 227 - 94 - 35, 227 - 99 - 14.