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That mother-in-law who has a Megaphone is good!

this history has occurred to me on hunting. As - that I have gone with the friend and its colleagues on ducks. While went in the car, told different stories from the hunting practice, shared advice. Well conversation about manka`h also has come. Mano`k is such piece which imitates a voice of an animal or a bird. I usually do not use them, and here one of us, Volodja, claps myself on a forehead and speaks: here fur-trees - sticks, the decoy on a duck has forgotten houses!

Well, has forgotten yes has forgotten, as at anybody from us such adaptations otrodjas were not. And here Volodja was upset. It always with itself the whole arsenal of useful and useless adaptations a beret. Friends even joke of it that it sometimes without a gun on hunting goes, but with a full backpack of the hunting accessories.

And here as to spite, we sit without a uniform shot some hours. I hear, Volodja bubnit: there would be a decoy, the whole flight already could shoot down! And here among relative silence at me in a pocket phone as will ring out! And I have adjusted calls thus: if the wife - a trill solovinaja is distributed, and if the mother-in-law - duck krjakane. As you already, probably, have guessed, it was required to call to the mother-in-law. Who else can call at the most inappropriate moment?! But just during this moment it podgadala it is successful: only I have talked to it, the first duck has seemed!

Coincidence, certainly. But Volodja was directly got: give it a decoy and all!

I Stretch phone and I speak:

- Write down number! Without it the decoy will not work!

Also I dictate it megafonovsky number of my mother-in-law. It long could not be cut. And children now often pin up it: the pier, goes Vova on hunting with Pashinoj the mother-in-law!

Paul Simonenko, Moscow.




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