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In Ulyanovsk have stuck together new goncharovskuju an arbour

In Railway area at last - that have collected varvarski the destroyed monument. I will remind that in October of last year uljanovtsy have been shocked by that an arbour established to 100 - letiju from the date of I.Goncharov`s birth, have literally wiped out. From a monument of federal value to which often there came a newly-married couple, there were only ruins.

It has appeared that an arbour planned to reconstruct. However the pulling down of this monument became unexpectedness even for to whom have assigned obligations on its protection. In the meantime it was found out that on planned before work and money - that does not suffice!

While decided destiny of an arbour in Rosohrankultury, in Ulyanovsk have filed criminal charges   upon destruction of a monument of history of federal value which, however, have soon closed. At the same time have allocated means for a new arbour and have put the new base.

- It reliable, will not slip and will not tilt, as it was earlier, - speak in a press - mayoralty service.

In parallel with it at once at several factories of marble - under drawings and at consultation of critics - have made monument details. According to plan, all should be ready to the end of last year. But not here - that was.

It has appeared what to take down an arbour much more difficult, than to construct the new. The company which did the basic part of a monument, has admitted marriage, and to collect a design it was not possible. It was necessary to do all anew

- Special complexity for builders was represented by a dome of an arbour in diameter about eight metres, - the director of Open Society " has told; Uljanovskproektrestavratsija Vitaly Gurko. - to Make it of an integral piece of marble it was not given possible. Masons from Chelyabinsk have found the decision: they have divided a dome into eight segments which then adjusted on a place. Round an arbour have made a special hangar. And under a dome before installation have collected a special metal design which has been then dismantled. Segments have fastened the glue made under the special order.

Thus, arbour building was tightened. As have informed in a press - mayoralty service, last week in to the Vinnovsky grove have collected a new arbour. Its breadboard model completely repeats the original of 1812, and a leah here there was its copy a monument, it will be possible to learn only on April, 29th. This day the special commission will arrive to Railway area and will estimate result of long works. If claims will not be, already next day it is planned to spend solemn opening of a new arbour.

For now in to the Vinnovsky grove arrange well nearby territory to a monument - do podhodnye paths.

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