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subbotnik in Rostov: to clean a city there were even children and invalids

in the Early sabbatical morning, on April, 25th, in a city smelt in the spring. Risen neither light   nor a dawn yard keepers worked this day with the doubled force, and garbage trucks in honour of a feast were decorated with tags with Russian trikolorom.

- And what is all aunts with brooms go? - Small children asked mums.

is because at all subbotnik. A city will clean and clean.

this day each saleswoman from transition has washed up the stall, and owners of shops and boutiques to shine have rubbed show-windows.

- I from the organisation Green first aid me have called to put things in order in Kirovsk square, - actively working as a rake, has informed truzhenitsa.

- We too have decided to join to universal subbotniku and to put things in order, that to associates it was pleasant, and - it is not a shame to us with our city, - the employee of shop of children`s clothes Ekaterina has told.

In Revolution park more than ever there were many people. The largest enterprises of a city - the Don tobacco Agricultural industry the Tauri and others have directed the employees to collect last year`s foliage and garbage. Many took with themselves small children, accustoming them to work:

- I one bag have already collected also the second to collect the beginnings, - responded 6 - summer Julja Vertieva, showing an enormous package with withered leaves.
men in turn

the yard keepers who have Risen at the crack of dawn worked this day with the doubled force. Look the photo report.
dragged the chopped trees and heavy bags with stuff, threw brushwood in the truck.

- Who you has forced logs to drag it?

- That means has forced ? subbotnik! - with pride workers responded.
people have joined the city action of cleanliness with the limited possibilities even. Children hard of hearing and invalids have decided to show that they can work not worse the healthy. They have pasted on inscription urns: has not got, try still! and on columns have hung up slogans about struggle for cleanliness.

One of jewelry stores has decided to use city subbotnik as an information occasion to increase in sales. all on subbotnik! We will clear a counter of the bourgeois goods. A discount of 33 % the external board with the image of the father of revolution of Ilyich said. But here crowds of interested persons as - that was not observed.

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