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Great composers in Omsk. Volume 6

Oksana FOMINA, the correspondent, - about the favourite composer:

Roman - Korsakova is difficult not to fall in love With music

- For me long this name was only one of many among that study at music school: Nikolay Andreevich - one of participants the Mighty small group . Melancholy added still a portrait of this person with a double surname. On it it with a long broad beard, in a frock coat, with the severe person and to horror a direct back. And the relation has changed after I have looked at ballet SHeherezada . Strange business, after performance in a head the melody Roman - Korsakova sounded only, from action I could not remember nichegoshenki! Music has impressed with figurativeness, sensuality and passion. After I has decided to make up shkolno - the musical program and... Has fallen in love with Nikolay Andreevicha.

Russian music - a surprising phenomenon. The bright trace was left here by people for whom it was not the basic business (at least at the beginning). Tchaikovsky has come in kompozitorstvo from jurists, Borodin was the professor of chemistry, Musorgsky ministered in Lejbgvardejsky Preobrazhenskiy to a regiment. Nikolay Andreevich was fond of music, being the naval cadet (from here such enviable bearing). Its big brother with a symbolical name the Warrior insisted, that in hands at mladshenkogo there was the present business giving quite good earnings. This opinion was divided also by mother.

to the Future genius even tried to forbid musical employment. Nikolay has been urged to leave in global cruise. Probably, there, observing every day changing sea and the sky full bright stars, he has written down in the memory poetic images. However, in the same place he had to see and a lot of strange - drunk sailors and petty tyrants - officers. One of them, an admiral Lesovsky as - that in a furiousness attack has bitten off to the guilty sailor an ear (greetings to Mike Tyler).

Nikolay Andreevicha name the composer - the storyteller. Also it is truth. He is capable to tell any magic story by means of music. By the way, products Roman - Korsakova too quite often quote. Certainly, by quantity ringtonov to Mozart to it it is far (eh, I represent, as would distort the composer from such comparison!) But Flight of a bumblebee from Fairy tales on tsar Saltane - one of the most popular melodies. And still I have found out recently a subject from SHeherezady in advertising of one cellular company...

There were in creativity of the composer funny things. The matter is that at that time to show on a scene of tsars it was possible only with monarshego permissions. In Nights before Christmas put in Mariinsky theatre, young Nikolay II has allowed to deduce the tsarina in whom it was difficult not to learn Catherine the Great on a scene, and then under the pressure of grand dukes has prevailed a word back. It was necessary to change the libretto hastily: the tsarina to replace with Potyomkin, and metstso - a soprano accordingly - a baritone.

Roman - Korsakov participated in set of disputes on art. Once its vis-a-vis has appeared Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. Korsakov together with the friend Stasov has called on it. Drank kofeek, had a snack bagels and had conversation. Tolstoy inflated nostrils and questioned: what is the art? Then abused Wagner`s any words and asserted that the greatest misfortune of art is the beauty, foolish pressing forward to charm hearing and sight. And art a pier, should be accessible to the muzhik. Nikolay Andreevich has quite reasonably noticed that War and peace Anna Karenina are beautiful, but to the muzhik too hard. Tolstoy puffed (it appears, he despised itself(himself) for these novels) and was irritated. And when visitors, already standing in a lobby, have apologised for the given trouble, the great writer has noticed: it was very interesting To me to see face to face a gloom . I will dare not to share opinions of the writer. For such beauty as in Nikolay Andreevicha`s melodies it is possible to give much, and to fall in love with them with all the heart and not so difficult. If you have not joined yet numbers of its admirers, sincerely I convince you it to make!

Volume 6. Nikolay Rimsky - Korsakov

capriccio Spanish, soch. 34
1. Alborado. Vivo e strepitoso
2. Variazioni. Andante con moto
3. Alborado. Vivo e strepitoso
4. Scena e canto Gitano
5. Fandango asturiano

the Symphonic suite SHeherezada soch. 35
6. Largo maestoso. Allegro non troppo
7. Lento. Anantino
8. Adantino quasi allergetto
9. Allergo molto. Allergo molto e frenetico
Allergo non troppo e maestoso. Lento

the General time of sounding 60. 23 minutes