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Be afraid some bright aerated water and multi-coloured sweets!

about pollinoze and feeding by a chest

- the Lion disturbs. At my wife an allergy, pollinoz. Now she nurses, to our kid only three weeks. Tell how to protect it from pollinoza that it has not done much harm to the child?

- the Allergy is a genetics. The chance (percent of 50 %) is great that the child will be the allergic person. At pollinoze it is impossible to stop feeding by a chest. And to extinguish allergoreaktsiju it is necessary such simple actions. You go on walk - necessarily with the closed head because pollen settles on hair. It is necessary to put on bejsbolku, a cap, a scarf. To wash a head every day under a water stream. To close window leaves.

- And what medicines it is possible?

- Unfortunately, during a lactation a little that is possible from medicines. It is necessary to do without them. In the spring we usually send mother with the child on the north or the south where flowering has not come yet or has already departed.

About kindergartens for allergic persons

- In Chelyabinsk there are kindergartens for allergic persons?

- Yes, in the Soviet and Traktorozavodsky areas. But I badly believe in their efficiency. With the child - the allergic person it is necessary to work individually. And a kindergarten - an institution mass, children contact with each other, pass an infection on a chain. Also feel in a garden not very well. If life has pressed and there is no place to disappear, it is necessary to give to a garden at least because there there is an expert - the allergist.

- And a special food

- As though they tried, a food individually is very difficult for picking up. Certainly, there there is a hypoallergenic diet (eggs, fish and etc. are excluded) . But the table

Where to have a rest

- Where to have a rest in the summer with the child - the allergic person is necessary to everyone?

- We, allergists, do not love the south. The big water area of Black sea would be good, but it is necessary to go month on 3 - 4 that the child has had time to acclimatise. And very few people presumes it.

- And local, South Ural, resorts are?

- Why - that mums aspire to have a rest in the west from Chelyabinsk: Fur-tree, Turgojak, Uvildy, Tchebarkul. There syro, after a rain the fog long hangs. Despite a charm of these lakes, they do not approach the child - to the allergic person. By long experiments we have chosen three places, in the south and the area east. It CHeremushki on lake Sugojak, in 35 minutes of driving from the centre (cheryomushki74. ru, (8 - 351) 264 - 70 - 10, 269 - 51 - 53, 50 - 41 - 500). He has obtained recently the licence, there all new, excellent physiotherapy, allergists work, it is the centre for mother and the child. Sanatorium the Karagajsky Pine forest (200 km. From Chelyabinsk). Lake Sweet October area (150 km): too it is far, and there there is no sanatorium, but an excellent dirt.

Store juice replace with compotes

- At the child an allergy on Immunele and Aktimel . Unless such it is possible, after all there, according to advertising, contain useful bifidobakterii

- At one time was much allergoreaktsy on bifidumbakterin. It is important to manufacturers to observe technological process of manufacturing of a drink. And in what environment grow up the sticks, what ferment, a fermentation, dyes, preservatives, we do not know. Why allergists are afraid some aerated water? Because in them dyes, aromatizatory contain. For example, tartrazin - eating dye which does aerated water orange, and tablets - beautiful (it is the sweet multi-coloured cover covering tablets). But itself tartrazin is rather strong antigene, that is the substance independently calling allergic reactions.

- And than it is possible to replace store juice?

- Compotes from the kitchen garden. Store juice of the general with natural juice has no anything. I am very glad to crisis because people will get over in gardens and will eat the kartoshechku and the cabbage, checked up, beznitratnye vegetables and fruit, carrot from the bed.

Everyone   the first Monday of month - free allergoshkola

- How to get to you on consultation?

- To me it is possible to get with a direction from the, in a residence, the allergist. If it does not consult (there are difficult cases) directs to me. I advise in GKB 1, on Thieves`, 16, in children`s allergootdelenii. From the first Monday of each month we spend allergoshkolu in the children`s case. It works the whole week. It is free. There we answer all questions of parents.

- Daughters of 12 years, the diagnosis - an allergic rhinitis. Were surveyed at the allergist - the immunologist, have made cuts on a hand, and tests have revealed such allergens, as wool of a cat and pollen of cereals. In spite of the fact that a dust we wipe every day, in the winter in the mornings unboundedly sneezes.

- To chihaniju in the mornings we concern with attention. It is a marker of possible contact to allergen, the rhinitis beginning, rinosinusita. But we are disturbed by that fact that behind this small pathology the asthma can begin.

- Mum from Satka disturbs. I nurse. To my child 1,5 months. At us a rash on the person. Pediatrists thought that it potnichka, now consider that an allergy. Tried fenistil and ointment Advantan . We will anoint - passes, but in 3 days again pours out. Bathed in a turn, a camomile, chistotele - does not help. What to do?

- First of all it is necessary to understand with a food of mum.

- Fruit, I do not eat some sausage.

- In the list of the forbidden products - the coffee, the condensed milk, honey, citruses, nuts, strong broths, fish, eggs and etc.

- Eggs I eat.

- And if we talk even minutes 15 we will find from tens forbidden products. The doctor should write all list of products which you use, and to draw a conclusion: yes, a diet observes. And then it will be necessary to look other reason: a status of yours zheludochno - an intestinal path. There are belly-aches? The phenomena of a gastritis, a cholecystitis, kolita? This all bases to start at your kid allergoreaktsiju. It is necessary to sit down and untangle individually. Since a diet and finishing diseases ZHKT. We advise to mums to keep an eating diary: to write down all products on hours, character of the chair.

you can accept antigistaminnye preparations, smear the child with hormonal ointment - and it becomes better. But then the rash will appear again. It is necessary to find the reason!

About an allergy to an inoculation

- to the Child 4 years of 7 months. At us a medicinal allergy to reaction of Mantu, it in the form of a bruise kept the whole month. The allergist has advised it to repeat, but with antigistaminnymi preparations.

- Vaktsinalnaja an allergy - the complicated question in allergology. Nobody will give guarantees that reaction will not repeat. It is necessary to prepare the child for any vaccination, this business of your local allergist. Reaction of Mantu - not a vaccine, is diagnostic test. Which can give vaktsinalnuju an allergy. Therefore to estimate its result it is necessary for two people - to the pediatrist and the phthisiatrician. There are questions in an estimation - connect the allergist.

- At us reaction to all inoculations, not only Mantu.

- the Following inoculation to you is better to do in a hospital. Ask for the local doctor a direction in city allergootdelenie GKB 1 on Thieves`, 16.

- to the Son of 17 years. He the sportsman, takes a shower often. I have noticed that after a shower at it the rash becomes aggravated. On eels it is not similar. Extends not only on the person, a back, but also on feet, a stomach, shoulders. A leah happens an allergy to tap water?

- At eels, an infectious rash after a shower there is an infection distribution. There is a red nimbus is an infection, instead of an allergy. Most likely, this consequence of hormonal reorganisation which the infection has joined. It is enough to take dab and to look character of cages, an allergy at it or not. If is not present - write out protivomikrobnye means. And on a broader scale in the spring, during a high water, we observe often an allergy to tap water, in it it is a lot of bleaching powder!

it is important!

the Eating diary will be deciphered by the doctor

- Natalia calls. At the child a rash on legs and cheeks. To a crust. The divisional says that it is an allergy. We accept zirtek, fenistial, with ointment we smear.

- you need to understand, on what reaction. It is necessary to keep an eating diary.

- We conducted. To calculate, on what there is a reaction, it is impossible. The Same products give that vysypanie is not present. I have noticed that strong reaction happens, when at the child immunity is weakened.

- you the clever woman. On an orange there can be a reaction in the winter, and will not be in its summer. In the summer all are covered with the sun, therefore reaction is not visible. We will admit, the child has eaten chocolate - and any reaction, has eaten to an ear - too it`s OK. And when these products in one step food - we receive explosion! Here these subtleties are known only by the allergologist. It it should untangle to you a ball of eating laws.

- How long it is possible to drink antigistaminnye preparations?

- We write out them only to extinguish reaction. And then we stop reception and we start to work. Against reception zirteka it is difficult to understand, on what the child reacts, and on what - is not present. And the bad doctor usually sends to laboratory to do tests and good - understands with an eating diary. Also observes the child each 10 days!