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The person - iron jaws six metres dragged the barge teeth

the present athletes were not translated on Kuban! When - that barge hauliers through silushku dragged behind themselves vessels of misters...   and now a feat of arms   - to sip the barge teeth.   more recently the person - iron jaws the Lobster Hanapiev from   Yeysk has established   the personal record applying for the Guinness Book of Records. It of six metres dragged a vessel displacement of 2200 tons, having seized teeth a cable fixed by the ship.

By the way, the athlete already is three times brought in the Guinness Book of Records. Teeth it pulled an electric locomotive, the sea liner and even the plane. And still easy bends fingers nails and does not allow to part to two cars. And here now the recognised athlete has improved own record almost 9 - summer prescription. It is 31 - e achievement in Omara Hanapieva career. In this time nobody managed to challenge a record of the sportsman. The Lobster, the native of Republic Dagestan, considers that it is charisma:

- does not happen   such that the person himself has got such skill. Gift it is necessary to fulfil, be engaged. It is necessary to refuse much to establish such records.

By the way, the Lobster already more than twenty years practically do not drink and does not smoke. From products prefers vegetables and fruit. Before the big loadings tries to eat some days that pressure did not rise.


In 2004 on one of show for athletes Omar Hanapiev teeth has lifted upwards a stool on which the correspondent " sat; it is powerful 50 kg.   and to it on the same stool with the help steel jaws of the Lobster the thin presenter of the program " rose in air not; the Miracle field Leonid Yakubovich. This achievement, by the way, have immortalised an inscription on a wooden requisite. With the same ease the Lobster teeth has lifted from a floor a sheaf of weights in gross weight of 88 kg. And specially for has made absolutely, apparently, the inconceivable: razgryz an iron horseshoe!