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One unsuccessful landing has deprived of Ryazanov of silver

the Vladimirskiy gymnast Yury Ryazanov became the bronze prize-winner of the European championship on sports gymnastics which has passed in Milan. At man`s Russian national team bronze in all-round became a unique medal...

Jura quite could count silver . If the personal errors, new rules and, as always, judges have not prevented...

If to speak about personal errors the unsuccessful landing in vault runtime became solving. Yury Ryazanov has landed behind a corridor line, for what judges by new rules have absolutely correctly removed from the vladimirskiy sportsman of a half-point. For modern gymnastics it is a lot of, and they have not sufficed on finish.

- this moment also has deprived of our gymnast silver the European championship, - Igor Kalabushkin, Yury Ryazanov`s trainer has told. - Though I, fairly to tell, up to the end thought that the second place we can take. The matter is that Jura, except this shell, the others overcame all very not bad for all-round. And Englishman Daniel Kitingz who has taken the second place (by the way, it the pupil in the recent past of the vladimirskiy trainers Andrey Popova and Sergey Sizhanova - the Bus) Worked under easier program. However judges have counted differently... That, it is game! Anyway, I am very happy with the pupil.

However all man`s Russian national team all - taki has ruined the European superiority. While the female national team took four medals, men have managed one. The reasons a little.

- The matter is that the majority of gymnasts long time were treated for traumas, - Igor Kalabushkin has told. Is both Anton Golotsutsky, and Serezha Horohordin. As a result, we had not time to grind completely the base program, proceeding from new rules in sports gymnastics. All roughnesses also have affected results. As to, Andrey Perevoznikova who became the fourth on a game it was in many respects prevented by youth. Its name in Europe for the present do not know, therefore it on it does not play...

the Head coach of Russian national team Andrey Rodionenko has told about Yury Ryazanov`s performance so (according to a site of federation of sports gymnastics of Russia):
- I am convinced: if Ryazanov has executed all purely would be the second. And if a little to complicate its program, its place - the first. We already are engaged in it - on trainings it does much more difficult things, than has shown in the European championship. Can soon show.