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That the city looked younger, Sakhas has attached hundreds affairs

It   the enterprise directs cleanliness and an order in Yaroslavl. Not only jaroslavtsy, but also visitors   and numerous tourists notice that our city - one of the most beautiful, pure and tidied up. For us, inhabitants of Yaroslavl,   in the nature of things that the garbage from court yard and container platforms is taken out regularly that   roads and   highways in snow drifts are cleared in time of snow, driving a part and sidewalks   contain in a due kind. Behind all   to these costs   accurately organised and coped   work of collective of the municipal unitary enterprise Spetsavtohozjajstvo on city cleaning .

- Our enterprise has been formed per 1919. Then it was called GUBTRAMOT (provincial transportno - material department). Long time Sakhas Had regional submission, and then, having endured numerous reorganisation, has been passed a city, - general director MUP " tells; Sakhas Evgenie Gorjushin, - the Spectrum of services which we render, constantly extends. Only for last 3 years their volume has grown in one and a half time.

Modern Spetsavtohozjajstvo is a powerful motor car park which includes more than 200 units of the diversified   the technics used for cleaning of a city.

  In structure   the municipal enterprise where 700 persons work nearby, three motorcades enter, each of which is responsible for the site of work,   a repair shop providing all kinds of repair, division on demerkurizatsii rtutsoderzhashchih devices and lamps.

Motorcade N1, supervises which Evgenie Emelin,   is engaged   export of a firm household and large-sized waste in five areas of Yaroslavl. Drivers and loaders work   on eleven and a half hours, be - that everyday life, days off or feasts.   two thousand container platforms, agree figure considerable, it is necessary to go round and clean the garbage which has collected there. In 2008 Sakhas has established an original record: has taken out 1 million cubic metre of a firm household waste.

the Organization and carrying out of the mechanised works on cleaning of city streets and the areas - a problem   motorcades N2, Sergey Sharutin heads which.   For its employees     the most hot time -   cold and snow winter: in many respects from their efforts clearing of city streets, prospectuses and the areas depends on snow drifts and snowdrifts. It is necessary to work in a shock mode.

cleaning our city, 70 units of technics, and in its motorcade 26 so one car needs to work for a three are necessary!

Motorcade N3, its chief Lyudmila Mahovikova, is responsible for maintenance of cleanliness of sidewalks, local fares, bridges, overpasses, roadsides of roads, on stopping platforms of city public transport.   the city should be pure and well-groomed at any time year, despite of weather whims.

Service of all rolling stock, which   needs   in regular checkup and different kinds of repair,   the repair shop is engaged. It   Boris   heads; Bushuev. The technics entrusted to its division very various, from small tractors to huge dump-body trucks. Import installations   the Broadway Scandium BROK and in Russia - that meet in individual copies, and in Yaroslavl they are only in Spetsavtohozjajstve . Conditions of work of technics very difficult, constantly it is necessary to deal with an excited environment, an abrasive, sand, salt from what it wears out much faster.

Despite of solid age, the enterprise - jubiljar its motor car park develops constantly, updated, new technologies take root. Today it is equipped by various technics which responds   to time requirements. Now   cars are gradually equipped with navigation system, for maintenance of uninterrupted communication with drivers and control over technics work.   MUP Sakhas   constantly shows good economic indicators and has many honourable and prestigious awards, diplomas, reading and writing by which it is noted   its activity.   among them - a medal the Leader of the Russian economy 2006   a gold medal of the French association of assistance of the industry, a medal and the international diploma For outstanding achievements in management of the company letters of thanks of the governor, the diploma of the winner of regional competition the enterprise for social partnership for 2006 " is better;.

However at the enterprise it is a lot of work. Every year the volume of a city waste grows. However Spetsavtohozjajstvo successfully copes with the most difficult problems. Despite of solid age, the enterprise - jubiljar its motor car park develops constantly, updated, new effective technologies take root. Past winter for the first time has been tested new   expensive lapovyj a loader in cost   2,5 million roubles. Last year MUP Sakhas   has passed to new technology of cleaning of garbage from private sector areas. It has been specially bought 7   bunkerovozov, 94 bunkers in volume of 7,8 cubic m which allow to take out not only small, but also large-sized garbage. The new technics is bought at the expense of own means.

So it is possible to name one of the most important municipal enterprises of Yaroslavl the oldest, but not old. Having exchanged the   the next ten years, MUP Spetsavthozjajstvo keeps up to date. After all on its work depends, it is how much young   and uhozhenno our city looks, how much comfortably is in it jaroslavtsam.