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What to honour in « to the fatty » - Krasnoyarsk

the Economist Michael DELJAGIN:

As most to defeat crisis

the Known scientist has published the book of simple advice under this title. Ours

journalist Evgenie of the BLACK has gone to the author with inquiries


Club inquisitive


I believe to Atlantis and the God`s penalty!

lately Russians have become interested again in riddles of ancient civilisations. Scientifically - popular transmissions on TV break all records, and schoolboys argue on a site of legendary Atlantis even. Scientists from the different countries do not cease to deliver all new and new hypotheses on public court. We have decided to place all points over I And to learn from the most known geologist and the bard of the country Alexander GORODNITSKY, and a leah was on a broader scale on light this lost country and if was where to search for its traces


the Meeting   for you


I have grown thin for 90 kg and felt the blonde!

Tatyana Ustinova - like the person conservative. For example, at it all life one husband and almost all life one image. And this with the fact that, on the statistican, the average woman changes image each five years (not to mention husbands)! At writers, of course, all not how at women. But recently we began to notice: Tatyana has obviously got prettier - has grown thin, has straightened shoulders. And here already colour of a hairdress has replaced


the Eurovision - 2009

Svetlana LOBODA: Beautiful it is a lot of. Us, clever, it is not enough!

On the eve of the main song competition of the Old World we have talked to one of the main competitors of Nasti Prihodko, the participant from Ukraine Svetlana Lobodoj Do Eurovisions there were few days. Already in the beginning of May participants will start to gather in Moscow from 43 countries of Europe. One of the main competitions will be developed between participants from Russia (Anastasiej Prihodko) and Ukraine (Svetlana Loboda). Both girls - Ukrainians. They are pupils of producer Konstantin Meladze. Svetlana almost sang half a year in VIA Gre Nastja in this collective was tried, but has not passed a casting. Both prepare to to the Eurovision at itself in Kiev. Say even that the clip for them was removed by the same director. Before competition we have interviewed Svetlana


very personal

Vladimir Mashkov   Has returned to the former wife, having learnt that it is pregnant

informed that in the end of the last year Vladimir Mashkov has officially divorced from the fourth wife Oksana Shelest under the bill. Today to us new details of personal history of the actor

  became known;

the Political striptease

Secret sex - gymnastics of president Sarkozy

Ill-wishers   and envious persons call the French president rabbit Duracell . Too it active, vigorous. Exactly - in - exactly as those dlinnouhie small animals on long-playing batteries from a commercial. ZHivchik both in the politician, and in private life of Sarko has replaced much   imperious armchairs, struggled with prostitution, failures on roads, youth rebellions, yet did not become the president. At the same time has had time to marry, get three times a heap of novels on the party. The most scandalous, illegitimate communications which have got to the press: With the lady - the Minister of Justice, with the wife of the colleague - the minister, with the TV reporter. Knowingly a loveful rabbit - a symbol the Playboy . And if it on batteries?!.


the Big cinema

Sergey of NIGHTINGALES: Know, how was born   Anna Karenina ?

From pure magic love!.


the Window in the nature


THAT can be easier than a potato. A potato baked, boiled, fried, a potato dried (chips), a potato pounded, hardly diluted with milk - mashed potatoes. Gourmets - Frenchmen prepare from a potato more than hundred different dishes. The plant is extended worldwide, excepting a hot equatorial belt of the Earth.

the Potato is unpretentious to the earth and a climate. But there are places especially for it fertile - the State of Idaho in America, Belarus, at us - the Bryansk region. Potato crops happen very big (in Holland to 300 centners from hectare!) . To put it it is possible under a shovel put under a plough, now landing - cleaning are mechanised. The potato, as well as bread, does not become boring. Consume it in villages and cities, poor and rich, in feasts and in everyday life. A potato not only a valuable product on a table, it also - starch, treacle,

raw materials for manufacture of spirit, glue and varnishes


the Rate has disaccustomed the Nature corner   to drink the owner

In release the Nature corner from 12. 03. 2009 and on a site we have told about two clever mongrels. One goes in a dining room by a tram, the second for money buys sausage in shop. Today we continue to tell about clever animals



the Mongrel the Bean   Adores roundabouts

Unusual predilection at a homeless dog on a nickname the Bean it was found out still in shchenjachem age. It has chosen a swing, having lodged in entertaining park Switzerland Nizhni Novgorod. And now - the habitue on all attractions. According to the manager of park   Vitaly Mikhalkov, the Bean especial passion flares to a big wheel



the Local mafia - kotopes

In one of Moscow suburbs housing estates   the rate Caesar and a cat Prochorus hold in

fear of all four-footed inhabitants



Hot ice   will thaw with shame?

the Serial   about figure skaters   have made   from continuous   mistakes. Every time when home producers undertake a serial about sportsmen, it becomes terrible. Sports for them usually are no more, than surroundings against which actors play the next melodrama. Well it is simple because all time only about cops yes about oligarchs

  is impossible;

Gymnastics for mind




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