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The counterfeit costs much to health and the budget

On the statistican, in the Russian market of alcoholic production almost half are the forged spirits. Than such domination kontrafakta threatens? A leah influences crisis increase in poor-quality alcoholic production at counters? On these questions during time the Round table leading experts in trade area, public health services, control over quality of the goods and the Yaroslavl manufacturers of alcoholic production have responded.

: What statistics of poisonings with poor-quality alcoholic production in Yaroslavl region?

Michael BLACK SEA, managing branch of anonymous treatment GUZ Yaroslavl the regional expert ache clinical narcological hospital:

- With 2002 on 2007 decrease in alcoholic poisonings, including poor-quality and substitutes is observed. But absolutely objective given it is impossible to name these. Frequently the people who have poisoned with alcohol, get to various medical institutions with other diagnoses. For example, the person on this soil had a hypertensive crisis or there was a heart attack.

: How it is frequent on counters of shops of Yaroslavl region poor-quality alcohol is found out?

Lyudmila RATNIKOVA, the leading expert of management of Rospotrebnadzora across Yaroslavl region:

- In 2008 experts Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora in Yaroslavl region check up 487 enterprises of retail trade and public catering. 189 tests of alcoholic production have been thus selected, from them only 4 did not correspond to sanitary requirements on organolepticheskim to indicators, a label, marks. 3 parties of alcoholic production that has made as a whole about 20 thousand litres have been rejected. 12 penalties for the sum about 20 thousand roubles are imposed.

Nikolay neprjaev, the director of department of state regulation of economic activities of Yaroslavl region:

- Today half of market in Russia and Yaroslavl region is a counterfeit. And that Rospotrebnadzor does not find out it, bears that illegal manufacturers began to forge and make very skilfully the product. Today the counterfeit is not the vodka made in the handicraft way and poured in cellars. Frequently forged vodka is a vodka, which has passed by excise payments.

Annually the excise grows in the state. Though, in my opinion, it needs be not to increased, and to reduce, that legal vodka could compete at the price with illegal and force out it from the market. It in interests of the country as at the expense of sale of legal alcohol the state budget replenishes.

: How often forge production Yaroslavl LVZ?

Vladimir SKIDAN, the general director of Open Society Likero - vodka distillery Yaroslavl :

- Unfortunately, forge, and it is frequent. And in the consumer market there are fakes of the most different quality. There is a counterfeit garage pouring when in the used bottles from - under our production spill unknown spirtosoderzhashchuju a liquid. But such fakes minority. Basically occurs differently.

From other regions (mainly, Kabardino - Balkarii and South Ossetia) is imported production, on the structure more or less corresponding to standards. It is made not handicraft, but industrial way. Thus alcohol is poured in bottles similar to ours, with the same caps and labels. To distinguish on external parametres such counterfeit to the consumer it is impossible. After all, as a rule, all accessories of production (container, labels, and so on) falsifiers buy caps from the same manufacturers, as Yaroslavl LVZ. Certainly, we struggle with this phenomenon, and we struggle not alone, and with law enforcement bodies. But, as already today time and again it was underlined, to prove that this or that alcoholic product - not original LVZ, and a fake, it is possible only having looked at a counterlabel where the manufacturer is accurately specified.

For today the illegal forged alcoholic production on counters of shops is a problem not only Yaroslavl region, but also all Russia. Its quantity depending on region makes from 20 to 65 percent of all market. Also is amazing that it as though do not notice our authorities. And it is no secret that the counterfeit large quantity is a loss for the budget of our state. After all falsifiers do not pay the excise and the value-added tax. It is necessary to see huge scales of a problem: after all the excise part for today on each bottle of vodka in volume 0, 5 litres makes 38, 25 roubles. Ponder, what is the sum of scales of all country!

: What measures are accepted by department of regulation of economic activities of Yaroslavl region that the counterfeit did not get on counters?

Nikolay neprjaev:

- to reduce quantity of a counterfeit, requirements to places of sale of strong alcoholic drinks are toughened. In particular, the areas of a trading premise should make not less than 50 sq. m. Besides, that trade was carried out duly, the trading organisation should be well-founded. Therefore we have achieved modification of the local law which have allowed to lift sharply a payment for the licence (from 10 thousand roubles for 5 years to 60 thousand roubles for one year). Conditions for licence reception - the authorised capital of the organisation which can sell alcohol have become tougher also, should make not less than 500 thousand roubles.

These measures, in our opinion, should contribute in that insolvent sellers have left the market.

: the damage to the budget of Yaroslavl region from presence in the counterfeit market is how much great?

Nikolay neprjaev:

- Behind examples far it is not necessary to go. The Same Yaroslavl LVZ could make two million decalitres of qualitative alcohol, but makes only 460 thousand because it it is impossible to sell: the market is occupied imported and frequently forged alcoholic production.

But if it is possible as - that to counteract a counterfeit it is impossible to put a barrier to legal imported alcohol. It contradicts the legislation and is regarded as regional separatism.

Anton ROMANOV, the chief of a sales department and Open Society marketing Likero - vodka distillery Yaroslavl :

- For imported production in the Yaroslavl budget does not arrive copecks - too cannot be forgotten about it. And more one moment: now, more than ever, sharply there is a question on workplaces. Naturally, imported production urges to reduce manufacture and sale of local production, so, and workplaces for inhabitants of region.

: a leah Can the simple consumer on external appearance of a bottle with alcohol define, what before it - the original or a fake?


- All information which is accessible to the consumer, is on a label and a bottle counterlabel. At desire the consumer can ask also for the seller the quality certificate on the given kind of production. Unfortunately, to define, the original before you or a fake, to external signs it is impossible more often - illegal immigrants began so to work masterly.

: What measures the diligent seller that on its counters there was no forged alcoholic production can undertake?


- If the diligent trading company concerning these or those goods has any doubts, it checks it: specifies the information on a trade mark and the manufacturer and besides, makes production on the test in the accredited laboratory. Naturally, to trade they begin only when receive the decision about conformity of production gostam and are completely assured of its security. I will add that the seller valuing the reputation, never will go on exposing on a counter the doubtful goods. After all from loss of trust of the buyer the seller it incurs losses incommensurably big.

: a leah There are effective measures of struggle against forged alcoholic production?


- That to a counterfeit to put a barrier, other approaches to alcoholic production imported into Yaroslavl region are necessary. Why, say, before starting it in sale, not to make imported alcohol on the test? It not so is difficult, as it seems.

the Example to that is experience of the next regions. Alcoholic production check in Tver, Kostroma and other areas. Such check would help, in - the first, to track, how much is on sale in territory of region of alcohol as a whole, in - the second, to check up authenticity of the accompanying documentation, in - the third, to investigate quality of production and not to admit counterfeit penetration on the area market.

: And how quality of production Yaroslavl LVZ is supervised?

Tatyana HRENOVA, the assistant to the general director on commercial questions of Open Society Likero - vodka distillery Yaroslavl :

- In - the first, all production is made according to gostami and the confirmed quality standards, carry out rigid control over observance of technological process. It is watched factory, and also by independent laboratories. In - the second, awards which she received in different years speak about quality of our production. In particular, our factory unique likero - vodka distillery in the country the owner of the Award of the Government

the Russian Federation in the field of quality. By the way, it is possible to be converted into laboratory LVZ to make examination of the vodka put in shops or already bought in shops of Yaroslavl region, to make sure, a leah original is a factory product.

Today our factory is glad to offer the population more than 50 names qualitative and accessible at the price of vodka and the tinctures made exclusively from natural raw materials. It is all known Yaroslavl Hospitable and Yaroslavl it is market novelties - easy and extraordinary popular in the people Yaroslavl vodka Gold, Silver and Crystal.

It for a long time the deserved trust and love of consumers of tincture Slivjanka Mountain ash on cognac Cowberry . Besides, we actively prepare for Millenary and in the near future on counters of a city and area it will be possible to see a number of novelties which, I am assured, become an excellent gift to visitors of Yaroslavl, and also to its inhabitants.


- I Will notice that sellers of alcoholic production, under the initiative to check up interested persons samples, much less, than capacities of laboratories, including ours allow.

: How manufacture, consumption and sale of alcoholic production how crisis will be reflected in the market will develop further?


- Unfortunately, we already see a tendency to increase in consumption of a counterfeit and a substitute as cheaper products. If the state does not interfere, process will be aggravated.

Vladimir SKIDAN:

- that counters have started to be flooded with cheap vodka which, most likely, is a counterfeit, was already reflected in state incomes.

it is possible, the initiative of Federal Agency of regulation of the alcoholic market to enter the uniform rate of the excise on spirit and to lower it to 100 roubles for 1 litre, and also to establish floor prices of vodka and likerovodochnye products will be supported by the government. Then the situation can be changed in favour of legal production, so, in favour of population health.