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When to Moldova to wait for following earthquake?

inhabitants of Moldova have got used to earthquakes, as to rate fluctuations of dollar and euro. Here and on Saturday, on April, 25th, in 20. 18 we have shaken, but anybody especially has not begun to worry. Earthquake proceeded 70 seconds, and force of tremors equaled to 5 points under the Richter scale in the south, 4 points - in Kishinev and in the north of the country. Epicentre of tremors was in Romania around mounts of Vrancha on depth of 96 kilometres and on distance of 190 km from Kishinev. Victims and destructions are not present.

- We have counted up that the maximum amplitude of tremors for Moldova makes 8 points under the Richter scale, - has told the director of the Center of experimental seismology of Moldova Ivan Iliesh. - On jugo - the country West - 8 points, for the central part, including for Kishinev, - 7 points. We spends works on territory microdivision into districts, we calculate areas which can suffer from pushes most strongly. It is difficult to foretell, when there will be a following earthquake. I will tell that it is necessary to wait for it always, after all we want it or we do not want, but we live - that in seismically active zone. Every other day, two, can, in a year earthquake necessarily happens.

- And works on forecasting of earthquakes at us are not conducted?

- are not conducted since 1993. Financings are not present. We think, by an example, the Romanian seismologists to get on seismic stations of animals which are most sensitive to magnetic fluctuations.

- Cats, probably?

- Is not present, cats or dogs not always feel coming nearer earthquake. We will get aquarian small fishes, vjuny are called. They are very quiet small fishes, but before earthquake they are very active and uneasy. I think, small fishes will not prevent us, and, to the contrary, very much will help. But money for small fishes, for the big aquariums are besides necessary...