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Make-up drawing - the best gymnastics

In vain many of mums abuse the growing up daughters that they begin themselves with early age to plaster . The passionate desire to put on itself a mask of a priestess from the African nation numba - jumba, appears, it is necessary to greet.

As researchers from University of Sacred Etena in France have established, sacramental on cosmetics drawing carries out a role of a complex of exercises which improve concentration of attention and coordination of movements. And consequently the habit daily do a make-up can to save to women life in the future.
to such conclusion scientists have come, having studied a way of life, habits and medical cards of 100 women at the age of 65 - 85 years. It has appeared that those ladies who daily did a make-up, differed the best coordination of movements, saved balance is easier and is more rare than drop.

the Same who seldom used cosmetics to save balance it was given more difficult, writes The Guardian. And coordination of movements, as it is known, is especially important for elderly women for whom casual falling can lead to serious consequences. In particular, the chance to die within a year as a result of crisis of a neck of a hip - the most widespread trauma received by older persons at falling, - raises for 20 percent.