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Dreams of a concert « Arius - femili »

I close a page from Valery Kipelova and Alexey Harkova`s interview to new sensation of expectation. Only now not simply album of favourite group, and …
I Re-read Valery Kipelova`s words: “ Besides, in 2010 on a broader scale 25 years will be to group “ an aria “. I have an idea, I would like to collect on a broader scale all “ to Arius - Femili “ as it name. All who when - that worked in group " earlier; an aria “. He is Sergey Terentyev with the collective. Sergey Mavrin. Group “ an aria “ group “ Kipelov “. Probably, group “ the Master “. Because it is group splinters “ an aria “ which exist now independently. It would be healthy … “ (the Fragment from the interview given “ “) .

Valery Aleksandrovich, well what for you it have told? To us, fans, only allow an occasion to dream up …

Fan imagination, having dispersed, gradually speeds up that king of road who has got a false idea itself “ the king from God “ also has put the girl-friend before a difficult choice where all of them - taki to set: in a hell or in paradise … having left unlucky heroes of, the imagination rushes further, towards to an imagined concert … About desire it to make some words have been told all, but, the word of honour, as though would be desirable to see such concert! On what to argue, what I not one such?

while I try to catch up with flying imagination, before eyes there are those who so was to be seen at one concert, all those whom whether for fun, whether seriously name “ an aria - femili “ … “ an aria “ “ Kipelov “ “ Sergey Mavrin “ “ the Master “ “ the Artery “ …
During an independent way each of the groups which have left from “ Arius “ has made own opening which him seem successful or not so which were on - to a miscellaneous are conceived by admirers.

present structure of group “ an aria “.
the Photo: the Photo with oitsialnogo a group site “ an aria “.
Now when admirers with different views have a possibility to communicate through the Internet, it is possible to tell that many things are conceived ambiguously.

the way of each group on - to the is combined, only also difficulties in due course change. If earlier musicians had to prove the right to existence of that music which they execute, to a management “ from above “ now the situation has a little changed. Now musicians should prove the right to existence of that part of the admirers which could not draw a distinction for itself between market relations and relations cultural. Grown on concepts of the market economy, convinced that they are consumers, clients (and the client, as it is known, it is always right), now some such admirers are absolutely assured that musicians should be arranged under their opinion, play that music which would be desirable them. And the notorious freedom of speech has cleared in them illusion that they can express the opinion in any form, having forgotten about elementary rules of politeness.

Fortunately, musicians do not dare to come under to modern influence of market thinking and general rudeness, reserving the right to itself to do that they consider it necessary. And it is necessary to pay for it, continuing the way under squall of critical remarks of especially captious investigators. While admirers and it is simple investigators furiously argue at forums on what changes have occurred in each of groups, they continue to move everyone in the direction …

… On cities and vesjam our immense native land actually group " travels about; an aria “ with those musicians who could save group irrespective of all complexities and conditions which remained correct to group throughout many years: Vitaly Dubinin, Vladimir Holstininym, Sergey Popovym and Maxim Udalov. Arthur Berkut who has become by the new vocalist of group after leaving of Valery Kipelova,   Has sustained improbable on the force and neopravdannosti a stream of a dirt and rebukes, but all - taki has managed to prove that is not going to copy anybody and has the manner of singing and a sight at metal … From time to time on Our radio or on the Internet there are the reportings telling about how take place group tours, and a semiacoustic concert in TSDH has left to the Moscow fans the sea of indelible impressions … Now admirers wait, how the group will mark the 25 - summer anniversary …

Group “ the Master “

Group “ the Master “ passed hardly less long way, than “ an aria “ for me it has appeared the most difficult.

group “ the Master “.
the Photo: the Photo from an official site of group “ The master “.
the First that I have heard in their execution, there were compositions from an album “ On that party of a dream “ M.Pushkinoj created on verses in a manner not absolutely habitual for admirers “ Masters “. This album was conceived not by everything, the part of admirers has reacted furious requirements to return to a habitual trash. To me after an album “ On that party of a dream “ at first it was difficult to conceive their known treshevye compositions. But, as it seems to me, creativity “ Masters “ and it is interesting to those that it unites set of various sides: and irrepressible energy in treshevyh compositions, and impossible depth in ballads, and possibility differently to see group, listening to English-speaking songs. Therefore to demand from group to adhere to any one style means simply to limit musicians in their movement … Though if it is fair, I at all do not imagine, as it is possible to limit in something Alik Granovsky or Leksa …

Group “ Kipelov “

Left in 2002ã. Group “ an aria “ vocalist Valery Kipelov, continues the way to the new group which name does not give rest to evil tongues, jazvjashchim on a subject of why the group has been named so. Meanwhile, the group leads the life which sometimes calls weight of censures from outside “ true Aryans “ thirsting to see to what they have got used in “ old Aryan “ times.

Vocalist Valery Kipelov.
the Photo: the Photo from an official site of group “ Kipelov “.
to Accept as a reality that in the past of return is not present, it is possible not to all. Plus to all prolonged, in the opinion, some, work on a new album, calls weight of disputes between those who is ready to wait so much, how much it is necessary also those who prophesies to group the gloomy future.

the concerts which have passed in March of group “ Kipelov “ in club B1 became the present gift for those who believes in its forces and leaves for musicians the right to work so much, how much it is necessary for them. The sung new songs “ to Live contrary to “ “ On the verge “ (a song from recently left single with the same name) and “ Still we will do some fighting “ have given the chance to be convinced that the group on a place is not necessary, contrary to all charges and rebukes.

actually, with mine, “ fan “ the points of view, Valery Kipelov at all does not represent, how much song words " in time have sounded; Still we will do some fighting “. I involuntarily have an association with other concert, last year`s on which it after a long break has again acted with musicians “ Arius “. Those who was at this concert, fine remember, how furiously scanned a surname those Kipelova who could not wait while Arthur Berkut will finish the performance. As it was easy to scan a surname of the favourite vocalist then, without having waited at all its performances and as it has difficultly appeared to support for some it in really difficult situations when to it, really, support when there was a delay with single release when work on an album has taken away more time was necessary, than it was expected … Words “ Both again lift, and again betray … “ to limiting accuracy have reflected that situation in which there was a group. And, even if to an exit of an album of a word in this song will exchange, considering Valery Aleksandrovicha`s love to grinding of texts, anyway, in March and these words were as the Group " is impossible by the way …

; Sergey Mavrin “

Meanwhile, thoughts dvizhutsja further, to one participant “ the Aryan brotherhood “.

Sergey Mavrin
the Photo: the Photo from an official site of group “ Sergey Mavrin “.
the Freedom-loving and independent Sergey Mavrin sincerely considering that acquaintance to a guitar and new opening in game can be unbounded, infecting admirers the constant optimism and correct to volume to a direction which he for itself(himself) has chosen, irrespective of, how much the person agree to go near to it and to listen to it …

Like a bolt from the blue has burst news that Sergey Mavrina`s group is left by Andrey Lefler. Sergey Konstantinovich, having taken of the good-natured view of the arisen barrier, has sent it to walk far away, having invited to a place of vocalist Ilya Lemura who has left group Leflera. It happens directly during tour, and became a bolt from the blue for the admirers which opinions, as always were divided. Meanwhile, having presented the new vocalist in one of the Moscow clubs, Mavrin has continued tour, having let know the admirers that - business passing, them it is necessary to solve difficulties, instead of to concede to them …

Group “ the Artery “

With group “ the Artery “ at me two strongly associate “ jammed to holes “ compositions: “ the Pain “ and “ Road without you “. And more in memory photo of Sergey Terentyev recently seen on the Internet accompanied by beauty Glossy in the tremendous Gothic dress, and fragments from transfer in which they have told about the new preparing project “GT” (Glossy/ Teria) in Gothic style emerges.

group “ the Artery “.
the Photo: the Photo from an official site of group “ the Artery “.
the Presented composition from this project “ Long nights “ on - to mine, took all best of a gothic style: depth and beauty. Hardly any of compositions of this project would sound at a concert, but Sergey Terentego`s creativity without this project already will be incomplete, also as it cannot be presented without participation in Margarita Pushkinoj`s project “ the Dynasty Devoted “ …  
With the project “ the Dynasty Devoted “ all admirers are familiar not. As far as I know, some of those who is familiar with separate compositions, without having taken the trouble to hear to all album, have concerned it critically. But a certain part of investigators which have like this project, now conceive many things through a prism “ Dynasties “.

In “ Dynasties Devoted “ those who everyone in the group, makes a part " have left the trace S.Terentyev, A.Granovsky, V.Kipelov, A.Berkut, A.Harkov and S.Mavrin, i.e.; an aria - femili “.

it is possible to tell that “ the Dynasty “ In certain degree has helped investigators to see, on the one hand, already familiar musicians in new light. On the other hand, has demonstrated a difference in perception vocalists of life on a broader scale and texts, in particular. Listening to songs which have agreed to execute Valery Kipelov and Arthur Berkut, it is possible to feel this difference very accurately.

were and present “ Aryans “ can conceive somehow Margarita Pushkinoj`s project, but from a position of investigators it is possible to tell absolutely precisely: after “ Dynasties “ you look absolutely other eyes at the world on a broader scale and on music in particular.

In a head images of musicians intertwine, and the brain begins is inquisitive to guess, what compositions and duets could expect us if this dream became a reality … But having caught, at last - taki in a network the raged fan imagination, I shake at it a fist and I make silent, as I understand that if such concert when - nibud will take place, irrespective of the fact which compositions will execute groups, it becomes an invaluable gift to all admirers. To admirers of those who continues annals under the name “ an aria “ and also those who, has left in it the, indelible trace, but, in time having understood that it needs to make new turn, has agreed on changes not to change to itself. Because each of them knew that new turn is difficult, and change to itself - is inexcusable.

the Material is given by Elena Solnechniy Svet.