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The Finnish weapon is in demand among the Western countries

Almost 90 % of export of the Finnish weapon it is necessary on a share of the Western countries.

Most of all armours from Suomi buy Sweden and Poland. The share of the EU countries makes 83 %, and on a share of other countries -   7 % of export of Finnish   armours.  

the Share of the countries of the Near East makes 6,2 %. The most important trading partner of Finland is Egypt. Among the Near-Eastern countries the Finnish weapon is bought by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

As shows the research spent by the organisation Sadankomitea Finland during the period with 1998 for 2007 has sold military technology in total for the sum of 375 million euro. Traffic in arms volumes for this period of time have increased by 40 %.

armoured troop-carriers and spare parts for them have appeared the Most important article of export of the Finnish war industry. Shells and ammunition, tanks, and also the protective equipment against the chemical and biological weapon used the greatest demand also.

the Research spent Sadankomitea is the first volume research on export of the Finnish military technology for 25 years, informs the Finnish radio.