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The Rostov gasoline is more expensive, than Volgograd, but the Average price of litre of gasoline is cheaper Krasnodar

in sew to the country of 17 roubles of 83 copecks. These are last given Rosstata for April, 27th. After oil has fallen in price and UFAS seriously was engaged in the prices for refuellings, monitoring of cost of fuel began to spend every week, comparing the prices in different cities of Russia. On the end of April the cheapest gasoline was on sale in Kazan (15,66 roubles). Most expensive - on Chukotka, in Anadyr (37,96 roubles).

In Southern federal district the price for automobile fuel, basically, remained on sredenerossijskom level. Most expensively it is possible to refuel in Grozny. There gasoline costs more than 19 roubles. At the same time in 170 km from the Chechen capital, in Makhachkala, the fuel litre manages on three roubles more cheaply and it is considered the cheapest in JUFO. Rostov-on-Don is in the table middle. At us to give to drink an iron horse it is possible from 17,74 roubles for litre. On supervision of statisticans, the average price on 92 - j - 18 roubles, 95 - j - 19,7 roubles. The diesel engine on the average costs 17,97 roubles.

How much is gasoline in the cities of JUFO?

the City the Price for litre, rbl.
Makhachkala 16,15
Astrakhan 17,39
Elista 17,40
Volgograd 17,60
Rostov-on-Don 17,74
Maikop 18,06
Cherkessk 18,26
Nazpan 18,47
Stavropol 18,55
Vladikavkaz 18,65
Krasnodar 18,79
Nalchik 18,71
Grozny 19,01