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Medvedev has consulted to veterans

As the president has explained, he has invited the merited veterans to discuss with them commemorating laying ahead in 2010 65 - letija Victories. Also has reminded that in some states (it is visible, meaning Ukraine and the Baltic countries) there were already interpretations of victory of Soviet Union over fascism.

- I consider that we are obliged to react to such things, - the president has told.

we Will remind, in the State Duma the bill which assumes a criminal liability for attempts to rehabilitate nazis and their helpers is already introduced.

- it is very good that on Red Square pass Victory Parades, - veteran Gennady Zajtsev has countenanced, gleaming the Star of the Hero. Is after all important not only for us and for participants of parades.

On expression of Zajtseva, parades bear vospitujushchee value for all Russian people.

Medvedev has told that he has signed the decree about establishment of an anniversary medal 65 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 45 . It will award the veterans living not only in Russia, but also in all the CIS, in other states.

is there was the general and very heavy for us history page, - the president has told.

President Medvedev and Minister of Defence Serdjukov (in the third number the third on the right) were photographed for memory with veterans - heroes.
a photo: Anatoly Zhdanov



At Sovereign now the emblem

Yesterday the president has signed the Decree About establishment of an emblem of the Supreme commander in chief Armed forces of the Russian Federation . Now the president as Supreme commander in chief has an official symbol. It will take place on forms of reading and writing and thanks, documents, buildings and constructions, vehicles which the president will use as the Supreme commander in chief.