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Espionage passions on to thought Factory

It will allow to prevent ice education on a seeing-off. Every year in Russia from - for this problems occurs to 5 serious failures on LEP. Without an electricity appear to a half-million the person! On a method of the participant heating occurs currents of high frequency.

Alexander Sorokin and Andrey Rodin have solved a problem of dark entrances, having developed hydroelectric power station which develops an electricity in real time. There is it thanks to simple system of transformation: water from a sewer pipe falls on the station blade, those begin turns, and their mechanical energy in the generator is transformed to an electricity.

And Ilya Zhivotovsky also has at all intrigued public and jury. He has created the espionage device! An essence of work of the device - detection of tiny chambers of the latent video observation disguised in details of an interior, premises, clothes, personal things and etc. And also optical and optiko - electronic watch facilities. Ilya`s invention can define the purpose on distance to 15 metres, and the second device - to 1,5 km! However, define colour videocameras they cannot - in devices chips are built in for is black - the white image. But in this mode work to 98 % of chambers - zhuchkov!

thought Factory Monday, on May, 11th, day, TV the Center