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Painted mine Old men ...

Traditions of celebratory TV programs are protected piously, and this time the central channels on a step have not receded from them. On what it is necessary to pay attention in feasts? We will try to understand.

Masterpieces military - patriotic cinema is, of course, our pride. Them has accumulated so many that only ingenious tapes it would be possible to hammer in all aether. Partly channels and have arrived. We will tell, NTV was thrown in fight by a serial Frontier since the morning and see you in the evening (NTV, on May, 9th, morning). And at night the channel Russia bodily will show a drama Battalions ask fire ( Russia on May, 9th, night).

from the Soviet classics it is necessary to note premier display of the colour version of a legendary tape To fight there are one old men (the First, on May, 9th, evening). All the week long on the channel Russia To us showed that has turned out from similar experiment with Seventeen instants of spring . Now here - Old men . The relation to similar experiments ambiguous but to look that has turned out, it is interesting. As, under the informal data, minute (!) kolorirovanija costs from one and a half dollars to three thousand! Simple calculation allows to tell that Instants have managed to the channel Russia in 1 - 2 million dollars, and Old men to the First - in 130 - 260 thousand green ...

but the main premiere of a Victory Day there will be a drama Disappeared (the First, on May, 9th, evening). This cinema about the Soviet officer escaping from a prisoner-of-war camp who gets to guerrilla group. From this that to us already showed, but not at a sin to look once again, it is necessary to note In June 41 - go with Sergey Bezrukov (the First, on May, 9th, day), the Star ( Russia on May, 9th, day) and In August 44 - go (NTV, on May, 9th, day). Independently stand Peter Todorovsky`s film Riorita (the First, on May, 9th, evening) and Stephen Spielberg`s masterpiece Schindler`s List (NTV, on May, 9th, night).

the Concert program rich to name difficult. The big show from the Kremlin palace will show on Friday (the First, on May, 8th, evening). Celebratory concerts have planned the channel Russia (on May, 9th, evening) and TV the Center (on May, 9th, evening). And here habitual shows will run about on a grid. prozhektorperishilton will not show at all (but next week funnymen from the First will go on the air some times with the special releases devoted to the Eurovision . It will be called prozhektorevrovizhn ) .

Will move on Monday of show Two stars (the First, on May, 11th, evening) and Dances with stars ( Russia on May, 11th, day).

But will return the Glacial age ! To us will show project special issue when stars went for a drive under songs of military years. That show so has sunk down in soul that repeat it, as in kind old years, under numerous requests of televiewers .

From original decisions What to show in a Victory Day? we will note an unexpected course of channel TNT. 9, on May, 10th and 11 here will show on 9 (!) Series of a cult adventure and mystical film to Survive (TNT, 9 - on May, 11th, day).


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