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Kaliningradets the Inhabitant of Kaliningrad half a year has spent half a year in a captivity at swindlers

has spent in an imprisonment at group of people which its apartment in the street Korsunsky has attracted. On November, 28th last year the poor fellow force as he confirms now, have pushed in the car and have taken away on Nikitin`s street. There have locked in any shed.

For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that kaliningradets has drawn attention of criminal persons first of all strongly abused alcohol. And the Trinity earlier repeatedly offenders of friends had a plan to take hold of apartment of the alcoholic. The blessing at that is neither wives, nor children, the native one nephew. It in calculation did not accept. As now have for certain thought, in vain.  

the Captive which - as fed, but gave to drink - the cheapest port more. As he has worried winter in not heated premise, simply surprisingly.

- It was supposed that on behalf of the tenant dwelling at first privatise, and then will sell, - have told in law enforcement bodies. - the gain, naturally, should settle at all in pockets of the nominal owner. And as a result all necessary papers have issued, though and with great difficulty.

In passport - visa service (it was found out that in addition to all the client has managed where - that to lose the passport) and other organisations to applicants immutably let go whistle. Too obviously it was visible that has put here uncleanly. But there were two notaries, not disdained to participate in frankly doubtful combination.

As soon as the Trinity has considered that done, the debauchee have set free. First of all the lascivious uncle was to the nephew. And when that has taken an interest, where so much time the relative vanished, has told the sad history. Having the kinds on apartment the nephew was converted into militia.

Now the perfect transaction with real estate, most likely, recognise as insignificant. Well and to three podelnikam shines from three till five years zones .