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Security agency choose on professionals

Quantity of the private security enterprises (CHOPov) every year steadily grows. On the statistican, only for the first quarter their quantity in the Nizhniy Novgorod region has increased by 3,9 percent. A leah such growth of demand for security services is connected with deterioration kriminogennoj conditions in region and how the economic crisis has affected activity CHOPov, to journalists in a press - the centre - NN representatives of the largest security enterprises of a city and representatives of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have told.

Crisis the Chief of department of the organisation litsenzionno - allowing work and control over private detective and security activity of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Sergey MIRONYCHEV has strengthened vigilance


- Recently insignificant, but reduction of quantity protected CHOPami objects all - taki is observed. Them became less on 173 objects. And 35 persons of security guards have been dismissed on reduction.

General director CHOP Agency of security of business the Hero - NN Vyacheslav PARADISE:

- We observe outflow basically the small organisations which are engaged in trade. Some companies (them a little) are closed, others try as - to lower that financial expenses, having refused the help of professional security structures. And if the first all - taki realise necessity of protection of the remained warehouse, the second, to the contrary, nedoponimajut importance of the reference in the serious security agencies having the licence and good reputation. They go on an incorrect way, entering not clear posts controllers of a hall and employing the employees who do not have the special certificate of the private security guard. Frequently such negligent attitude to the property results not only in essential losses, but also to discredit of a trade of the security guard as a whole.

the assistant to general director CHOP a Cerberus Sergey FISENKO:

- recently usual citizens Considerably became more active, even more often services of the security enterprises housing estates began to use. If protection of apartments became today basically a private security prerogative (the equipment of premises the disturbing button ) That in territory of housing estates is already necessary to provide and a public order and to prevent possible offences. In this part we actively co-operate with law enforcement bodies, order protection on city streets became our general problem.

Professionalism of shots solves all

Director CHOP Patrol - NN Vladimir GONTAR:

- Fifteen years ago when private security agencies only were created, in their structure there were basically law enforcement officers transferred to the reserve. Differently, the professionals accurately knowing the business. Work of the private security guard was prestigious and honourable. Today in connection with active growth of quantity CHOPov their personnel structure began to change considerably. The previous experience any more does not play a dominant role, presence of the certificate of the private security guard became the main condition.
Shots solve everything, employees of the enterprise and are its driving advertising. More often to us on firm clients are converted, having seen where - that in work of our security guards, having estimated their competence. The security guard - face of the firm. It can as to lift image of the enterprise so it and to lower. Therefore has already ripened necessity of creation of the computerised database where all security guards having the certificate, both responsible and reliable, and dismissed of security agencies under the compromising data and proved with a negative side would be brought. And the best security guards as whom the age and health allow to work, it is necessary to recommend for service in law enforcement bodies. That we also have made concerning two our workers. They periodically come till now to us on a visit.

How to choose correct protection?

Vyacheslav PARADISE:
is there will be a database on the physical persons working at the security enterprise, instead of for the security enterprises. Proprietors choose any more the security guard, and the security enterprise which completely is responsible for the employees. Also it is necessary to look, the enterprise which services you want to use is how much competent of the area.

to begin with it is possible to use the information which is available in law enforcement bodies: a leah were at the enterprise of a problem with the law, competitors, a leah thefts on protected objects were made. Also it is necessary to pay attention to experience (how much the enterprise in the market), on the licence, for responsibility insurance. And it is better to look contract CHOPa with insurance agency. Under the contract the security enterprise is obliged to pay a damage to the customer in case this damage has occurred in connection with poor-quality execution by the employee of the professional duties.

Special requirements in duty regulations of security guards are shown to external appearance. Frequently the security guard is the first person who is met by visitors.
and the most important criterion - the price. There is no cheap protection. That the security enterprise bore responsibility and the security guard was motivirovan, it is possible to estimate about the sum in which hour of such service will manage. If the security guard receives five thousand roubles, it will never protect yours imushchestvenno qualitatively.

- Cost of hour of protection in the Nizhniy Novgorod region makes from 65 roubles. The object site, an object category, insurance of property and insurance of security guards, their salary is considered. All it is included into structure of expenses. Therefore occurrence in the market of security services of the enterprises which reduce cost of services, substantially discredits idea of private protection. Also there are clients who peck on cheapness. It directly is reflected subsequently in quality of work and services given to it.

- Presence of preventions of law enforcement bodies at CHOPa, problems with tax inspection and other supervising bodies also should guard the future client of the security enterprise. These data are not closed, they can be received at corresponding inquiry in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Nizhniy Novgorod region. Trusting the life, it is better to know all about those people to whom you trust it.