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Veterans of caucasus are waited by new habitation and mobile phones

Stavropol Territory

To Stavropol Territory as have told in the edge Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, budgetary funds, alas, do not allow to do much good for veterans of war how they merit it. Nevertheless, without gifts and pleasant surprises they precisely do not remain. In addition to small material aid our defenders of the native land will receive grocery sets, and some also home appliances. Besides, in the near future to the most needing veterans will make repair in the house or apartment. On these purposes in the edge budget for 2009 means at a rate of 119 million 654 thousand roubles are already provided.

And for financing of actions for maintenance of veterans of the Great Patriotic War with new habitation in the end of the last year from the federal budget 51 million 144 thousand roubles have arrived.

Good news on the threshold of a feast has come to those veterans who live in the state houses - boarding schools. Earlier for the maintenance in these establishments they had to give half of οενcθθ. And now - only one percent! Absolutely clean payment the regional authorities cannot, there will be no yet a corresponding law.

the Chechen Republic

the Most expensive gift for those who has presented to us peace life, this year was prepared by the government of the Chechen Republic. Each of 183 veterans of the Great Patriotic War has received material aid at a rate of 10000 roubles. Further - it is more. Now   in houses of some veterans work on replacement of windows, doors, sanitary technicians, to face lifting already boils. In 2009 for improvement of living conditions for 32 participants of the Second World War it is planned to allocate about 406 thousand roubles,   and it more than 100 thousand on apartment! The help will be received also by those heroes, whose habitation has suffered during a counterterrorism operation. And inhabitants of emergency houses can count on new apartments from president CHR. As a whole to solve a housing question of participants of war the government has promised till 2010.

During preparation for May, 9th of the power have worked and over social security of veterans and disabled veterans. As have told to us in a press - service of the president and government CHR, the administration of Grozny has incurred responsibility for supply of old men by medicines. And at once in four disctricts of the city special preferential departments for veterans in whom it is possible to buy products on 15 - 20 % more cheaply will open.


In KBR all able-bodied citizens of republic have come to work in merited the day off, and all to help participants of the Second World War (wrote about it on April, 18th). As a result of charitable subbotnika it was possible to collect for each of 1581 veterans on 5000 roubles. And it is direct in a Victory Day of participants of war celebratory discounts in shops of republic and free journey by a taxi wait. And here cars this year will get to nobody. As have told to us in a press - service of president KBR, all needing newcomers “ the seven “ have distributed last year.


But, probably, personal cars will receive 10 veterans of war of Ingushetia. Now this initiative is discussed in the government. Some participants of the Second World War, besides monetary compensation, will receive special gifts from the president of republic in the form of TVs, refrigerators and the other necessary and useful technics.

And 6 families of widows of veterans of war, whose living conditions have already come nearer to critical, as a gift by May, 9th will receive new apartments.

Karachaevo - Circassia

Searches of new habitation for participants of the Second World War are stronger than the former stir also government KCHR. Now here work over that at least the most need this year have celebrated house warming or have updated the apartments.

Celebration of veterans in Cherkessk will begin already today. Some heroes of Patriotic war will get on solemn reception personally to the president, which not only   will tell pleasant words in their address, but also will hand over costly presents. Among them - mobile phones which will help old men to communicate at any moment with the native and front friends.


In the North Ossetia there were two new monuments

Idea to construct a monument to the fellows villager - to participants of war at the inhabitant of village Cheerful that in Mozdoksky area of the North Ossetia, Stanislav Dzeboeva has arisen still 30 years ago. Now, when it became the successful businessman, has decided to carry out the dream.

the Sum in which the monument has managed, the businessman does not name - the exploit made during the Great Patriotic War, money   not to measure. Built a monument quickly to be in time to a Victory Day.

On granite plates from two parties names of all veselovtsev, protecting the Native land are cut. On the one hand - names of those who was lost, with another - those who has returned.

And in Suarsky gorge searchers of group “ the Memorial - abijah “ have put a monument to the Soviet pilots who were lost in days of the Great Patriotic War. More than 60 years they were considered as missing persons. On a place where fragments of the Soviet planes have been found out, searchers have established the memorable tablet.

- the Soviet army on approaches to Vladikavkaz has lost more than one and a half hundreds planes, - the chairman of search group Sergey Poroshin has told. - Now in our list more than 300 surnames of the pilots who were lost in the North Ossetia during war. Seven of them are awarded posthumously ranks the Hero of Soviet Union, six have received medals “ For clearing of Ossetia “.


On Kavminvodah Parade, a field-kitchen, concerts, torch procession, salute have taken care of front-line soldiers - neprimennye attributes on May, 9th timurovtsy and sisters of mercy

. Everywhere celebrate veterans - give them flowers, will organise   excursions in places of fighting glory, show free of charge cinema about the Great Patriotic War.

And in Georgievsk one and a half hundreds students and volunteers have solved by an example gajdarovskogo Timur to render to participants of war the feasible help. And that it has not turned out, as in a joke - have made, and anybody and is not glad, - at first have collected demands. Only 75 - it is so much in a city of lonely veterans.

“ the Main thing, study perfectly well! “ - here the most unusual request from which to georgievskim timurovtsam veterans were converted. And basically children dug kitchen gardens, mowed a grass, fences painted, windows washed, tided up. To one lonely old woman a potato have planted.

In Pyatigorsk in a role timurovtsev schoolboys have acted. But on the eve of a Victory Day in a city there has passed also other charitable action - “ the Sister of mercy “. Nurses of local polyclinics have come To houses to 1252 Pyatigorsk veterans. Have talked, have found out, who on what complains, have measured pressure, have written out free recipes on medicines.

In Minvody 20 participants of war have taken on a memory route. This year it has passed through settlement Andzhievsky, with. pobegajlovka, with. Prikumsky, with. The citizen and settlement New Tersky. At each stop of veterans met colours and songs, offered front hundred gramme.