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To visitors of Murmansk area will clean soles

In Murmansk area, as well as in all Russia, carefully prepare in occurrence of a virus of a pork flu. Polar veterinary surgeons, customs officers, and also employees of Rosselhoznadzora and Rospotrebnadzora have pricked up ears . On customs fasts in Murmansk port and a check point Borisoglebsk control for imported of Mexico and the USA production is strengthened.

By the way, as to us have informed in management of Federal Agency of veterinary and fytosanitory supervision on Murmansk area, from these countries to our port do not bring products. But checks all the same will be spent.

In - the first, it will concern hand luggage of people where there can be a meal infected with a virus.

In - the second, on courts foodstuff for crew will investigate. At customs of the people who have arrived from the aforementioned countries, begin to ask to walk on a special disinfectant rug which will allow to clear an infection from a footwear sole.

- To tell the truth, we know about this disease a little. In practice never faced, - Sergey Skomorohov tells main vetvrach areas. - but all the same we will inspect veterinary requirements of agricultural farms. Now for us the main thing - preventive maintenance.