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The Nizhniy Novgorod schoolboys search for relatives of soldiers

Children from the Phoenix are engaged in search and a burial place of remains of the soldiers who have lost and considered as missing persons, search for their relatives. The group participates in multi-region watches of memory in Smolensk and Kursk areas, works with the Book of MEMORY of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, keeps in touch with search groups from other regions of Russia. For 13 years of work as a part of the all-Russian and international watches of memory the group has lifted more than 1000 remains of the Soviet soldiers and officers, has established names of 15 Red Army men, including nizhegorodtsev. During the last years to the Phoenix it was possible to find native some gorkovchan, but not all.

now the group searches for relatives of following soldiers:
Shibalova Ivan Nikolaevicha, the native of Voznesensky area
Bykova Ivan, the native of Bolsheboldinsky area
Milyutin Pimena Makarovicha called from Rabotok of Kstovsky area
of Abusova Leonid Alekseevicha, native Bogorodsky of area
Krupinova Andrey Vasilevicha called from Gorki area
of Duritsky Peter Vladimirovicha, the captain, the native of the city of Uren
Voronina Anton Illarionovicha, the marksman 145 - j a shooting division, the native of Gorki area.

behind more detail information be converted by phone 428 - 34 - 38, group the Phoenix .