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the Repeated auctions on property sale Open Company UK Comfort appointed on 28. 05. 2010, have not taken place. The organizer of auctions IP Fajzullin R. R (an INN 560903121495; the e-mail address: rinat_f@list. ru; bodies. (3532) 97 - 13 - 88; the mailing address is resulted more low) on the instructions of the competitive managing director holds the auctions in the form of the public offer on sale of property of Open Company UK Comfort (an INN 2317041578, OGRN 1052309881524; jur. The address: 354340, Krasnodar territory, Sochi, Lenin`s street, 99). On the auctions it is exposed a prize 1: debt receivable MUP of Sochi REO - 12 in the sum the Initial price of a prize 1 makes 1 168 358,56 rbl. 37 854 rbl., size of its decrease - 20 %; term after which the initial price consistently decreases, - each 7 calendar days from the date of the publication of the present announcement.

Acquaintance of participants with conditions, characteristics of property and the documentation, demands acceptance are carried out within 25 working days from the date of the publication of the present announcement to the address: 460052, Orenburg, street Brest, d. 11, 2 - j a floor in the working days with 10. 00 to 16. 00 ch. (A dinner with 13. 00 to 14. 00).

the Winner the participant of the auctions who has presented the first when due hereunder the application form for participation in the auctions, containing the offer on the price of property, which not below the initial price of sale of a prize 1, established for the certain period of tendering admits. Other requirements to the documents connected with registration of participation in the auctions, are resulted in item 11 of item 110 of the Federal law About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) from 26. 10. 2002 127 - FZ.

From the date of definition of the winner of the auctions demands acceptance stops, with it in 5 - dnevnyj term consists the contract of purchase and sale of property. Payment of property of the debtor should be made not later than 30 days from the moment of signing of the contract of purchase and sale on Open Company settlement account UK Comfort 40702810000000000513 in KB Open Company the Agrounion Orenburg, to/ with 30101810800000000867, BIK 045354867.