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Definition of Arbitration court of Moscow Region from August, 20th, 2010, business 41 - 26732/ 10, the relation of Open joint-stock company ENSTRO , the address: 140050, the Moscow region, Ljuberetsky r - n, Kraskovo dp, Factory 2 - I the street, 20/ 1, pom VI, OGRN 1027739332059, an INN 7713276646, a check point 502701001, is entered procedure supervision, the time managing director confirms Kubasov Alexander Aleksandrovich, a member of Noncommercial partnership the Self-adjustable organisation of arbitration managing directors of the Central federal district (109316, Moscow, Ostapovsky pr - d, d. 3, p. 6, of. 201). Requirements of creditors within 30 calendar days time operating to direct to the address: 125252, Moscow, and/ I 105, for Kubasova A.A.Dlja of communication with the time managing director: alkubasov@gmail. com, phone: 89199670949. The legal investigation in essence in Arbitration court of Moscow Region is appointed to December, 16th, 2010 at 16 o`clock. 30 minutes, a hall 440. For a presentation of requirements to be guided by article 71 of the Federal law 127 from 26. 10. 2002 About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) .