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the Competitive managing director (241050, Bryansk, and/ I 223) - the organizer of the auctions, informs on carrying out 05. 10. 10 in 11. 00 open auctions in the form of auction on property sale IP Drobikovoj Raisas Alekseevny a uniform prize:

the Prize 1 . The administrative case, the area of 238 sq. m, cadastral 15 - 01/ 28 - 67 - 126, located to the address: Bryansk, pr - d Moscow, uch. 81.

2. The Ground area of industrial function the area of 357 sq. m, cadastral 32:28:041505:0063, located to the address: Bryansk, pr - d Moscow, uch. 81 on which the above-stated administrative case the Starting price of a prize 3 736 000 rbl.

the Venue of the auctions settles down: Bryansk, street Soviet, 94/ 70. The deposit is brought to 05. 10. 10 on r/ with IP Drobikovoj R. A: an INN 323402373136, r/ sch. 40802810708000000933 in Bryansk OSB 8605 Bryansk, a correspondent/ sch. 30101810400000000601, BIK 041501601.

the Step of the auctions on increase - 10 % from the initial price. The deposit - 10 % from the initial price.

application forms for participation in the auctions are accepted in writing within 30 days from the date of publication of the present message. A tax of the demand and be admitted to the auctions can legal and physical persons who have the right to be recognised by buyers under the legislation of the Russian Federation, in due time made an application and other necessary documents which have in due time brought the deposit. For participation in the auctions it is necessary for applicants to present to the organizer of the auctions following documents.

for legal bodies and individual businessmen: the application form for participation in the auctions in 2 copies the inventory of the given documents in 2 copies Certified copies of constituent documents, extract from EGRJUL, the payment order confirming entering of the deposit, the written decision of corresponding controls of the applicant, resolving acquisition of property if it is necessary according to constituent documents of the applicant and the legislation, acknowledgement of the right to sign of the person who has made an application;

For physical persons: the application form for participation in the auctions in 2 copies, the inventory of the given documents in 2 copies, a passport copy.

the loan contract draught: IP Drobikova R. A in the name of competitive managing director Artamonov S the century, operating on the basis the decision of Arbitration court of the Bryansk region on business 09 - 9410/ 2009 from 15. 02. 2010 called further the Seller on the one hand, and ___ in the person _____, operating on the basis ______, called further the Participant of the auctions on the other hand, further called the Parties Have entered into the present agreement as follows:

the Participant of the auctions pays a sum of money in size ___ roubles by transfer to the settlement account of the Seller not later than one day from the date of signing of the present contract. The given payment is the deposit on account of the auctions due from the Participant, under the forthcoming contract of purchase and sale of property being a subject of the auctions as proof of the conclusion of the contract and in maintenance of its execution. The payment document on which payment is made, is shown to the Seller .

the Winner of the auctions the person who has offered the greatest price admits. In day of tendering the winner is defined and the report subscribes following the results of their carrying out. During 5 - ti days from the date of signing of the report to the winner the contract draught of purchase and sale and the offer it goes to sign in 5 dnevnyj term from the date of reception. Payment - within 30 days from the date of contract signing. Assignation is made after full payment of cost, following the results of the auctions. To familiarise with conditions and order of giving of demands, reception of the additional information on ph. 89103310283.

Demands acceptance to the address: 241050, Bryansk, street Soviet 94/ 70, acquaintance with property in the property location in the working days with 10 to 16. 00 to 05. 10. 10