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the Organizer of the auctions - competitive operating IP Slinko D. I (an INN 261003406854, OGRN 30526819500011) - Zhidenko Alexander Anatolevich (Stavropol, street 45 Parallel, the house 26, office 19, bodies.: (8652) 57 - 03 - 36), holds the auctions in the form of open auction on structure of participants and under the open form of representation of offers on the property price.

a subject of the auctions is the following property IP of Slinko D. I:

a prize the Name Initial (market cost), rbl., in t. ch. The VAT

1 Neoplan 122, R/ Z: KA 900 26 :11 935924; 1988 of release 2 532 000

2 Setra S 228 DT, R/ Z KA 554 26; :26 181343; 1991 of release 517 000

3 Volvos C - 10 - M, R/ Z KA 572 26; PTS:26 MA 36193; 1984 of release 1 308 000

4 Neoplan 122 R/ Z: KA 557 26; PTS 23 MA 402138; 1989 of release 2 837 000

5 Neoplan 122, R/ Z: KA 742 26; PTS: 26 789692; 1989 of release 2 990 000

6 Hyundais Express, R/ Z: KA 263 26; PTS: 25 828460; 1996 of release 1 111 000

7 Vanhool R/ : 262 26; PTS: 26 ME 182005; 1984 of release 549 000

8 Mercedes - 0303 R/ Z: KA 490 26; 1985 of release. 1 597 000

9 Setra S 222 DT, PTS: 26 181428; R/ Z KA 561 26; 1997 of release. 4 075 000

to participation in the auctions are supposed physical and the legal bodies who have submitted to 30-days term from the date of publication of the message on tendering the application form for participation in the auctions, to the address of the organizer of the auctions, the made papers which have presented properly according to more low resulted list and listed the deposit at a rate of 20 percent from initial cost of a prize on following requisites: TO JUgo - Western Open Society branch Binbank in Stavropol, an INN 7731025412; to/ with 30101810700000000719; BIK 040702719; OKPO 22104450; a check point 263402001; r/ with 40802810015010000009.

the Deposit should be brought the applicant in time, providing its receipt into the account, to an expiry date of demands acceptance for participation in the auctions.

the size of increase of the initial price of sale of a prize (an auction step) is established at a rate of five percent from the initial price of sale.

following documents Should be applied on the application form for participation in the auctions:

For legal bodies:

- an extract from EGRJUL (with term no more than 30 days from the date of delivery);

- properly certified translation into Russian of documents on the state registration of the legal person according to the legislation of the corresponding state (for the foreign person);

- the certified copy of the document on appointment of the head jur. Persons;

- the documents confirming powers of the representative of the participant;

- the document confirming payment of the deposit;

- notarially certificate certified copies about gos. Registration jur. Persons, constituent documents, sv - in about statement on the tax account.

for physical persons:

- notarially the certified copy of the document proving the identity;

- notarially certified certificate on statement on the tax account;

- the Extract from EGRIP (for individual businessmen, with term no more than 30 days from the date of delivery);

- the power of attorney issued in a notarial order confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant.

the inventory of the presented documents which original remains at the organizer of the auctions Should be applied on the application form for participation in the auctions certified by the signature of the applicant. The copy of the specified inventory on which the organizer of the auctions the mark about serial number to such demand becomes, remains at the applicant.

By results of the auctions in day of their carrying out with the winner who has offered the greatest price, the report subscribes and the purchase and sale contract consists in a current of five days. Payment term under the contract in a current of 30 days from the moment of contract signing.

the auctions and summarising of the auctions will be is spent on October, 05th, 2010 in 10. 00, to the address: Stavropol, street 45 Parallel, 26, office 19. Ph.: (8652 57 - 03 - 36; 8 - 928 - 011 - 225.

With other additional information connected with property and order of tendering, it is possible to familiarise to the address of the organizer of the auctions.