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the Decision of Arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region from 07. 06. 2010 on business นภ56-2161/ 2010 Limited liability company “ the Globe - Leasing - Finans “ (the address: 197342, St.-Petersburg, emb. of Black small river, d. 41, to. 7, OGRN 1037821066414, an INN 7810285251) is recognised by the bankrupt, and concerning it openly competitive manufacture for a period of 6 months. By the competitive managing director Akaev Ruslan Muhadinovich (the address for a correspondence direction is appointed: 197342, St.-Petersburg, emb. of Black small river, d. 41, to. 11), being member NP “ the Siberian guild of anti-recessionary managing directors “ (121059, Moscow, Berezhkovsky emb., d. 10, of. 200).

Judicial sessions on consideration of the petition of Akaeva P. M. About its clearing of discharge of duties of the competitive managing director and concerning the statement of the competitive managing director are appointed on 20. 09. 2010 on 14. 00 and on 14. 10 accordingly, to the address of Arbitration court of SPb and Leningrad region: SPb, Suvorovsky avenue, d. 50/ 52, z. 121.

10. 09. 2010 in 18. 00 the meeting of creditors of Open Company " will take place; the Globe - Leasing - Finans “ to the address: St.-Petersburg, avenue of Strikes, d. 72, lighted. And, a recreation centre of I.I.Gaza, 1 et., a hall 129.

the meeting Summons:

1. About a choice of the competitive managing director or the self-adjustable organisation from which members the arbitration court confirms the competitive managing director.

to participation in meeting creditors concerning which requirements of date of carrying out of meeting the Arbitration court takes out definition about inclusion in the register are supposed.

registration of participants of meeting is held on a venue of meeting 10. 09. 2010 with 17. 00 to 18. 00.

For participation in meeting it is necessary to have at itself properly issued power of attorney on the right of participation in meeting, for physical persons - the passport.

time and an order of acquaintance with the materials which are subject to consideration by meeting:

- 06-09. 09. 2010 daily from 14 o`clock till 16 o`clock. To the address: SPb, emb. of Black small river, 41, to. 11, 3 et. (An input through the central checkpoint) at the representative of competitive managing director Lubenets Oksana Viktorovny (inquiries and the admission order: (812) 702 - 67 - 28);

- 10. 09. 2010 from 17 o`clock till 18 o`clock. In a meeting venue.