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Open Company MTO (street Farmer, 9, Bataysk, the Rostov region) On the instructions of the competitive managing director informs on property realisation Open Company Kalipso & (the Rostov region, Taganrog, S.Lazo`s street, d. 9, an INN: 6154064767, OGRN 1026102581878) at the open auctions in the form of auction ( a prize , the prize name, gos. Number, year, the initial price): 1. And/ the car VAZ 2123 Field of Chevrolet, 988, 2005, 186100 rbl. 2. and/ the car VAZ - 21200 HOPE 188, 2005, 127900 rbl. 3. the car Mercedes - Benz 240 695722, 088, 2004, 701600 rbl. the Step of increase of the price - 5 % from the initial price. The auctions will take place 12. 10. 2010 in 14. 00. Demands acceptance for participation in the auctions, inclinations is carried out in the slave. Days with 11. 00 to 15. 00 from the date of the publication of the message on the auctions, also should arrive not later 15. 00. 08. 10. 2010 In case of a recognition of the auctions not taken place (on the auctions was less than two applicants, the step of increase of the price is not taken, the winner has not concluded the contract of purchase and sale and (or) has not brought purchase price), the repeated auctions are held. The repeated auctions will take place 18. 11. 2010 in 14. 00. The initial price at the repeated auctions decreases on 10 % from the initial price of the first auctions. Demands and the deposit should arrive not later 15. 00 hour. 16. 11. 2010 of the Offer at the price are declared openly during tendering. The winner of the auctions the participant who has offered during the auctions the highest price of purchase admits. To participation in the auctions the persons who have concluded the contract on the deposit, paid the deposit when due hereunder, in due time submitted the written application form for participation in the auctions in Russian with the appendix the certified signature of the applicant of the inventory of the presented documents, and also certified copies of documents are supposed: The charter, extract from EGRJUL, is not more senior 30 days, the certificate on registration and on statement on the tax account; the documents confirming powers of the representative, the proof of approval of the transaction participants (for jur. Persons); a passport copy, requisites of the account for deposit return, the consent of the spouse in the cases provided by the legislation (for fiz. Persons); an extract from EGRJUL, certificates on registration and on statement on the tax account (for IP). Translation into Russian of documents about gos. Registration. The demand is accepted after deposit payment. The application form for participation should contain: the name, OPF, the location, the mailing address (for jur. Persons); F. And. O, passport data, data on a residence (for fiz. Persons) the applicant; phone, e-mail; about presence (absence) and character of interest of the applicant in relation to Open Company Kalipso & To its creditors, the arbitration managing director, data on participation in the capital of the applicant of the managing director, and also data on the applicant, SRO AU, a member or which head is the managing director. The deposit - 10 % from the initial price is brought to the Organizer (Open Company MTO an INN 6141026355, r/ with 40702810600000009000 in KB Open Society the Center - Invest 30101810100000000762, BIK 046015762, appointment: contracts on the deposit). Date of entering of the deposit - date of transfer of money for the account. In day of tendering by the parties the report on results of tendering subscribes. The purchase and sale contract consists within 5 days from the date of reception by the winner of the offer to conclude the contract. Payment is made within 30 days from the date of contract signing on spets. r/ from Open Company Kalipso & (the river with. 40702810500000002425 in Open Society AKB Stella - Bank to/ with 30101810400000000938, BIK 046015938). Place of demands acceptance, the conclusion of the contract on the deposit, acquaintance with the documentation and conditions of tendering, acquaintance with projects of contracts, a venue of the auctions: Rostov-on-Don, Stanislavsky`s street/ Brotherly, 8 - 10/ 11-13 (the Case - 3), 6 et., a clod. 5. Ph.: (863 2270317, 2270318 e - a mail: m - t - o@yandex. ru.