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Restoration of banks will begin in Kuzbas

On turn — Tolyatti
  Restoration of banks will begin in Kuzbas
On turn - Tolyatti

In a past week-end general director ARKO Alexander Turbanov has carried on negotiations with the first banks applying for the help of agency, - Kemerovo Kuzbassprombankom and Kuzbassotsbankom. On their basis the basic bank of Kuzbas will be created.

the Kemerovo region has been named among regions with which ARKO will start to work first of all, in the beginning of March. After August, 17th local banks in region practically do not function, and Moscow, except for the Savings Bank, to areas have not been presented almost. Therefore it is no wonder that Alexander Turbanov has made the first working visit to Kuzbas.
a situation in bank system of region Turbanov has estimated as very difficult . Local backbone banks - Kuzbassprombank and Kuzbassotsbank - are carried by Bank of Russia to 4 - j, the lowest group of problematical character. It means that they practically are not subject to restoration. However other banks in area too small - to restore settlement system of region on their basis it is impossible. Besides, the opinion of the Kemerovo administration became a determinative at a choice of banks. Local authorities have supported creation of basic bank on the basis of Kuzbassprombanka and Kuzbassotsbanka as they traditionally serve the region industry.
under what scheme re-structuring of the Kemerovo banks will be spent, board of directors ARKO will solve in the beginning of April. However already today it is possible to tell that without participation of local authorities not to manage.
Practically simultaneously with negotiations in Kuzbas the agency, under data, has begun work with the Tolyatti banks. Exploratory talk is already spent with a management of AvtoVAZbanka. For yesterday the meeting of experts ARKO with a management of Rosestbanka also has been planned. Apparently, on its basis the basic bank of region will be created. Unlike problem Avtovazbanka, Rosestbank is financially steady (the Central Bank has carried it to 2 - j to problematical character group).
will watch succession of events.