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Federal meeting now with the message

Yesterday Boris Yeltsin for the first time for last year has met all deputies and with
  Federal meeting now with the message
Yesterday Boris Yeltsin for the first time for last year has met all deputies and senators of Russia. To deputies, many of which waited the whole year for this moment, it was not possible to arrange obstruction to the president. The reporting from the Marble hall of the Kremlin of NATALIA - TIMAKOVOJ.

Invited in the Marble hall have started to gather for an hour before Yeltsin`s occurrence on a tribune. Ordinary deputies and representatives of regions have appeared the first in the Kremlin - they went at once to buffet. Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky, the Swan in a hall did not hasten, allowing journalists to have a good long talk much with them. Skuratov still similar to the public prosecutor, on the contrary, under cover of protection has tried to slip by journalists. It was possible to it.
Places in a hall for the VIP - persons have been painted in advance. Head of administration Alexander Voloshin, its the first zam Oleg Sysuyev and operating affairs of the president Pavel Borodin (to testify to it the respect, despite scandal around Mabetex all tried present) sat in the first row. Victor Tchernomyrdin - in the second, near to members of the government.
between less significant visitors struggle for a place was developed.
- go sit down! - minutes for three prior to the beginning of Yeltsin`s performance one deputy to another shouted. - and Boris Nikolaevich you will outstrip that!
after Egor Stroev has opened session, the president has risen on a tribune, has put on points, deliberately vigorously, having raised a voice, has started to read (completely speech of the president see p. 2).
Yeltsin`s Performance lasted 18 minutes. Deviations from the text he almost has not allowed itself(himself). The unique long passage, which president has said, having come off the text lying before it, has been devoted struggle with... Privileges.
- by the way, we have forgotten that in election campaign there was a slogan of struggle against different privileges, - he has declared.
deputies puzzly zashushukalis, someone has shouted:
- Begin with itself!
- We have forgotten about this promise to voters, - Yeltsin bent the, - it is necessary to return to it and thoroughly to understand with all branches of the power and with the president too!
One more small note of the president has been devoted that, how deputies should apprehend the message.
- the economic instruction I in the message have stated. It is base for government work. And you... - here Yeltsin has shortly looked in a hall, is a message after performance receive here, near to a hall!
Noise and attempts to interrupt the president started with the right part of a hall more often, where, on a twist of fate, communists (however sat if to take a detached view Yeltsin they were as it is necessary, at the left). Communists in every possible way tried to show the disrespect for the president, starting to whisper and giggle especially actively when at them directed television cameras.
having finished speech, Yeltsin has slowly lifted eyes on a hall. The silence has hung. The president, what for - that having taken with itself a plate with a tea glass, has slowly gone down from a tribune. To it the chief of the report Vladimir Shevchenko has taken off, has selected a glass and has directed Yeltsin towards a table with presidium.
to close meeting the speaker of the State Duma should. But Seleznev to do it obviously did not hurry up, probably expecting that party fellows will show the activity promised by them the day before. At last has waited:
- Boris Nikolaevich, your resignation will be the best gift! - any reddened deputy has uncertainly cried out from a place. But it was blocked by Zhirinovsky:
- the Good message! We will carry out!
- the general it is tried to get?! - Have there and then snatched on the leader of LDPR of the colleague on the Duma.
Seleznev, probably, has understood that the action against the president as a result will turn back usual skirmish between deputies, and has hastened to close meeting. The first sounds of a hymn have made silent everything and as soon as its last chord has sounded, Yeltsin, Stroev and Seleznev have left presidium.
after that to an exit the others were pulled also. Only one of invited, having reflected, has stiffened in the middle of a hall.
- that you stand? - Yury Luzhkov has shouted to it. - leave, the second message will not be!
also it was absolutely right.

Speech of the president and responses of members of Federal meeting see p. 2