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Sergey Yastrzhembsky: about Luzhkov Kremlju`s any system opposition to tell incorrectly

Yury Luzhkov`s Visit to France in which course it acted almost as before
  Sergey Yastrzhembsky: about Luzhkov Kremlju`s any system opposition to speak incorrectly
Yury Luzhkov`s Visit to France in which course he acted almost as Boris Yeltsin`s representative, has created a new political configuration: the mayor of Moscow, apparently, definitively passed in opposition to Boris Yeltsin, appears, on - former is loyal to the president. Whether so it, in interview to ELENA - TREGUBOVOJ Sergey YASTRZHEMBSKY whom as the former press - the secretary of the president well knows Yeltsin and as vitse - the prime minister of the government of Moscow - Luzhkov has told.

- As you estimate results of a trip of the mayor to Paris?
- the Result has surpassed all our expectations. On the one hand, the mayor, predictably, has spent extensive negotiations with all leading statesmen of France. But that especially important is that in a conflict context in Yugoslavia Yury Mihajlovich the first of the Russian politicians has finished a position of a management of Russia to leaders of the country which are taking part in actions of the NATO. Important and that almost all negotiations with representatives of the largest French companies promise to bring concrete results for Moscow and Muscovites.
- Yury Luzhkov recently time and again said that Yeltsin should retire voluntary. And suddenly - it is possible to tell, a warm meeting (it has taken place one week ago.-). Whether means it, what Luzhkov`s transition in direct opposition to the Kremlin will not be?
- the question so is not put. All statements of the mayor spoke, as I understand, only about one: it is anxious by that executive power, including the Kremlin, owing to the long period of an illness of the president is insufficiently active during the moment when the country worries the sharpest crisis. And about Luzhkov Kremlju`s any system opposition to speak incorrectly.
- but unless voting of senators (and including Luzhkov) against Skuratov`s resignation was not political voting against the president and its environment?
- I see other motivation of voting in federation Council. Senators have supported Skuratov, having expressed thereby against blackmail which has turned almost to the main means of political strike to Russia. The presidential party has really suffered sensitive defeat from - for topornyh administration actions.
- nevertheless you consider present activity of the president by the positive factor in the Russian policy?
- At least when the president comes back to the Kremlin, activity of radical and not constructive opposition at once falls down. This already in itself is positive.
- and how you estimate probability of impeachment to the president? Council of federation will support it?
- with a today`s set of charges which is built by the left majority of the Duma, legal prospects at this ideological impeachment are insignificant. All this invention is necessary to communists as the form of pressure upon the president as in a context of the become complicated struggle round the government, and taking into account forthcoming elections.
- knowing character of the president how you think, whether Primakov`s political activity is pleasant to Yeltsin?
- it is assured: the president watches closely activity of any who is on a post of premieres - the minister.
- the president can send the government in resignation from - what Primakov has turned to the main centre of the power in the country?
- First of all I cannot agree with such statement as a matter of fact. But if from it to abstract, the president, undoubtedly, keeps all completeness of the constitutional powers. Including the right to send the government in resignation.
- I will ask on - to another: the today`s structure of the government has a chance to exist till 2000?
- I would not began to confirm concerning structure. That the prime minister operates umirotvorjajushche, soothingly on moods in a society it is obvious. But besides and, maybe, some positive shifts in a tax policy, to the government to show while there is nothing. Therefore I especially will not be surprised, if there will be a replacement of those or other people in the government, including from number nothing of the proved representatives left. And first of all in financially - the economic block, among those who is responsible for mutual relations with the international financial institutions. By the way, there is also an obvious advantage of stay of this public in executive power: the society can be convinced of an otioseness even the most untwisted representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.
- you so sharply express the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and here the mayor has more recently offered to Fatherland the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and to the Apple to conclude certain the agreement on stability . And earlier it ascertained coincidence to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on many positions, in particular in privatisation sphere, and communists reciprocated...
- the mayor said that on some questions of concrete economy, a social situation in the country there are things in common and conterminous positions. It, in general, quite clearly. But to allies Fatherland communists cannot be carried.
- and to opponents?
- in my opinion, in many fundamental directions these two political forces take opposite positions. This relation to extremism, anti-Semitism, understanding of an essence of democracy and the market, the relation to the Constitution.
- with whom to Fatherland all - taki is more difficult to agree - from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation or right?
- an essence of the answer that Fatherland as centrist movement cuts any forms of radicalism both on the right, and at the left.
- That is you consider the Just cause radicals?
- all these questions should be turned to collective bodies Fatherland in which I do not enter. But at the same time I want to pay your attention that at constituent congress New force in Nizhni Novgorod there was an observer from Fatherland .
- And who, in your opinion, all - taki will get to the future Duma?
- any pre-election forecasts, especially in our country, - risky business. In Russia, it is assured, political calculations should be under construction of prospect in two - three months. And still I will risk to assume that in a three of leaders after elections in the Duma will be Fatherland the Apple and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. The country only will win, if overweight is on the party of first two.