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The more we will hammer, the better

the next matches of a qualifying tournament of the European championship on foot
  The more we will hammer, the better
the next matches of a qualifying tournament of the European championship on football Today will take place. For Russian national team, which at stadium the Locomotive will take a command of Andorra, now each match solving. It is necessary to win with larger account.

the Most dangerous in games with weak contenders is their underestimation. The national team of Andorra, let and being the obvious outsider of group, can quite spoil blood to Russians. Abundantly clear that in a today`s match visitors all command will rise on the half of field and will try to keep the gate in inviolability. By the way, in a Saturday match against Iceland, andorrtsam it was possible to hold zero on a board two thirds of game time.
but nevertheless the variant at which Russian national team will not win tomorrow, is represented more likely fantastic though in football and not such happens.
on game against Andorra Oleg Romantsev, most likely, will expose the same structure, as well as against Armenia. The compelled changes will concern only attacks. There can not be in the field Sergey Yuran who was one of best in a match against Armenia. The forward has cut a heel, having attacked a tile fragment in shower Yerevan hotels Armenia . For lack of Yuran its place will be occupied, most likely, with Vladimir Beschastnyh.
Now still early to give more or less exact forecasts concerning a struggle outcome for an exit in a final part of the European championship as commands should spend on five matches, and in this time there can be everything. If to assume that Russian national team will win all remained games even it does not guarantee hit on a saving second place. Too many will depend on how Ukraine and France will play. The match between these commands in Kiev which will pass on September, 4th, most likely, becomes solving. But anyway Russia should be played on a victory and with Frenchmen departure on June, 5th, and with Ukraine in Luzniki on October, 9th.
our basic contenders on group also need to win today with larger account. Ukraine accepts Iceland. According to the head coach of Ukrainians of Jozhefa of the Sabot, in this match its command will play attacking football. A sabot intend to delay back forward Sergey Skachenko who in game against Frenchmen acted on an attack edge, and to push forward Shevchenko and Rebrov. Traumatised Sergey Kovaleva`s place will be occupied with Vitaly Kosovsky.
As to Frenchmen who play houses against Armenia they have faced some problems with structure. The instructor of world champions Rozhe Lemeru should solve, whom to replace the injured Biksana Lizarazju which have left at least for six weeks. Also in doubt participation in game of the halfback London the Arsenal Emmanuelja Petja who has received damage to a match against Ukraine.
Lemer already declared that intends to strengthen attack for what has invited in David Trezege`s national team from Monaco . By the way, it has hammered in all four balls in a match of Olympic teams of France and Ukraine. The second at Frenchmen the forward " will be attacking; the Arsenal Nicolas Anelka.