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Tavrija has decayed
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Tavrija has decayed

Joint Ukrainian - the Korean joint venture avtozaz - Daewoo has stopped the conveyor on manufacture of cars Tavrija . Daewoo refusal to carry out of the obligations in a part " began the reason; localisations of manufacture, attraction for requirements of the joint venture of the accessories made in Ukraine .

NAUFOR accuses the Central Bank of protectionism
Yesterday National association of participants of stock market (NAUFOR) has addressed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to protest Central Bank positions About an order of consideration of documents and the conclusions Bank of Russia of contracts on performance of functions of the dealer in the market of state credit obligations - federal loan bond and About carrying out of reregistration operations by Bank of Russia . These documents put an indispensable condition for dealers in the market of state credit obligations - federal loan bond, being the credit organisations, membership in National share association (NFA), and also oblige exporters to be members of Association of participants of the bill market (AUVER). According to NAUFOR, these documents contradict the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil code, the law About the noncommercial organisations to the law About a competition and restriction of monopolistically activity to the law About a securities market and to the law About translation and the promissory note .
President NAUFOR Ivan Lazarko considers that the requirement of obligatory membership in NFA and AUVER has no logic. The given organisations have no neither an infrastructure, nor states to render the real help to the members. At NFA and AUVER there are representations in regions, no systems of monitoring and control, the arbitration court, disciplinary committee. According to president NAUFOR, the unique reason on which points on obligatory membership are included in Central Bank positions, - protectionism of Bank of Russia to the specified organisations. if the State Office of Public Prosecutor supports our point of view also dealers of state credit obligations - federal loan bond, and participants of registration operations can not enter in NFA and AUVER, having cut down thus the expenses - has declared Lazarko.

the Muscovite the joint-stock company Management " will be run across the CIS four more times
; the Muscovite has declared that next year four automobile races of cars of the Moscow car factory on territory of the CIS (in the last two days were AZLK already has spent two automobile races - Moscow - Omsk and Moscow - Vladivostok) will take place. New automobile races start in different cities of the CIS and will come to the end in Moscow in day when it will be celebrated 70 - letie the Muscovite (on November, 6th, 1930 factory KIM, subsequently AZLK, has let out the first car). It is planned that automobile races will pass on routes Murmansk - Moscow, Astrakhan - Moscow, Vladivostok - Moscow and Sevastopol - Moscow. Cars will take part in them Svjatogor Prince Vladimir and Ivan Kalita .

the Unprofitable enterprises there is less
On Tuesday Goskomstat has extended the information that the share of the unprofitable enterprises in the Russian Federation (without subjects of small business) in January, 1999 in comparison with January of last year has decreased on 7,5 % - to 39,3 %. Saldirovannyj the financial result of activity of the large and average enterprises and the organisations, counted as a difference between cumulative profit and a loss, in January, 1999 has made 12,76 mlrd rbl. in established prices. For the considered period of 51,9 thousand enterprises have got profit for a total sum 42,1 mlrd rbl., and 33,6 thousand enterprises have suffered losses, which cumulative size has reached 29,3 mlrd rbl. the highest positive saldirovannyj financial result is fixed in the industry - 7,124 mlrd rbl. On transport this indicator has made 3,759 mlrd rbl., at telecommunications agencies - 956 million rbl., in building - 761 million rbl., in trade and public catering - 273 million rbl. Only in housing - municipal services saldirovannyj financial result negative - the cumulative loss has exceeded profit on 2,164 mlrd rbl.
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