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Igor Netto

on 70 has died Yesterday in the morning - the m to year of life after a serious illness has died one of most z
  Igor Netto
Yesterday in the morning on 70 - the m to year of life after a serious illness has died one of the most well-known Russian football players Igor Netto. It was one of four players who have won at once two higher titles of a national team of the USSR - the Olympic champion and the champion of Europe. About Igor Netto to the Businessman his wife, known actress OLGA JAKOVLEVA, the Olympic champions ALEXEY paramonov, NIKITA SIMONJAN and the champion of Europe VICTOR have told MONDAY which witnessed the most noble act in world football of the XX-th century. We will remind that during a match of the World championship of 1962 of the USSR - Uruguay Igor Netto has asked the judge to cancel incorrectly hammered by our command, but the ball included by it.

Igor Aleksandrovich Netto (9. 01. 1930 - 30. 03. 1999), the halfback. Played Spartake with 1948 - go for 1966. In the championships of the USSR has spent 367 matches, has hammered in 37 balls. The fivefold champion of the USSR, the triple owner of the Cup of the USSR. Played also in ice hockey ( Spartak 1949 - 1953). In a national team of the USSR (1952 - 1965) has spent 65 matches, has hammered in 6 balls. The captain with 1954 - go for 1963. The winner of the Olympic Games - 1956 and the European championship - 1960, the participant of the Olympic Games - 1952, the World championships 1958 and 1962. Was the first Soviet trainer heading club in the country of professional football ( Omonija Cyprus, 1967). Besides, was the head coach of a national team of Iran (1970 - 1971), Greek Panionisa (1977 - 1978), Baku neftchi (1979).

Olga Jakovleva: it was well-known, I am a student of the first course
- it is possible to tell About it only the warm. Igor was very fair and noble person, decent. We have got acquainted with it in theatrical school. It already was the well-known football player, and I am a student of the first course.
he was ill for a long time, from the beginning 90 - h years. Very much to it helped Alexey Paramonov, Nikita Simonjan... He has died yesterday in the tenth o`clock in the morning. At six o`clock to it it became bad, I caused reanimatologa, and it have brought...

Alexey Paramonov: it is a lot of halfbacks, but it is Net unique
- We have lost not only one of the best football players of Russia, but also one of the best people who exemplified to all of us imitation. Despite youth, it has quickly gained authority among players, therefore already in 24 years has been net selected by the captain of a national team of the USSR. Actually it became in due time the playing trainer. Net operated on a position of the central halfback. But in football it is a lot of halfbacks, and it was net unique.
and that case in Chile, in a match with Uruguay... Crystal honesty was for it norm and then its act - to admit to the judge in the World championship that we have scored a goal incorrectly, - seemed natural. And it has appeared that such honesty is unique: Maradona has hammered a hand and did not admit, Skoulz on Saturday has accompanied itself a hand, has hammered, did not admit... Net followed give football Fair Play the XX-th centuries.

Nikita Simonjan: Net grumbled only in the field
- During matches it was rather both rather exacting and severe, but had on this right as in the field never stopped, entered struggle, selected a ball. Grumbled, rustled, shouted - but rancour at it was absent at all. Have come to a locker room - all is forgotten. So net was the worthy captain of a national team and always rose on a podium the first, accepting trophies for all of us.
there were periods when the captain selected also me. But Net was 10 times more in the management plan a command in the field. At all I do not know, to whom it can be compared from modern football players - it was so individual and various that comparison is really difficult for picking up.

Victor Ponedelnik: Net in a match with Uruguay itself has run up to the judge
- We then could not suspect that that ball hammered in gate of a national team of Uruguay through a hole in a lateral grid, becomes thanks to honesty Net so well-known. To us its act seemed norm then, understand? As all of us have equally won against Uruguay, truth, have lost then in a quarterfinal of Chile. That not included goal quickly was shaded, levelled... By the way, we in the field also did not celebrate it. And I, and Valja Ivanov too saw that the ball has got to gate through a hole in a lateral grid so we have gone back, thinking that the judge it too saw and has appointed blow from gate. And suddenly I look - Net runs to the judge, waves hands. I translate a sight at the arbitrator - that, it appears, has shown a hand on the centre. Igor has explained it an error - gestures and a little on - anglijski. And the match has proceeded.
in general, my belief - is more fair than the person, than Igor, I did not see. And the best, than it, the halfback too I can not name. If to take together with Valera Voroninym, I think, anybody then, in modern football of level of this sheaf has not reached.