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Murderers demand a jury

business of a Kurgan gang &mdash Is transferred in court; one of the most dangerous criminal grup
  Murderers demand a jury
business of a Kurgan gang - one of the most dangerous criminal groupings of last decade Is transferred in court. Its participants have made murders thieves in the law Bobona and the Globe, authorities Silvestra and brothers of Naumovyh, tens small criminals and businessmen. But in court the majority of these crimes will not be considered: their customers and executors for a long time in a tomb. With details - ALEXEY - SOKOVNIN.

the Car for murders
This grouping was the present car for murders. Anything else they to do simply were not able - employees of Moscow criminal investigation department speak about Kurgan gangsters. Kurgan killers were caught by some years. Simultaneously with murovtsami they were searched by participants koptevskoj, baumanskoj, solntsevskoj and orehovskoj groupings. At all with Kurgan there was abacus.
gangsters from a far Barrow have appeared in Moscow in the beginning 90 - h. Them has invited orehovsky authority Sergey Timofeev (Silvestr), for which power support from outside was necessary to understand with gangsters from baumanskoj groupings. The Kurgan leaders Vasily Ignatov, Oleg Neljubin and Andrey Koligov who have got over in capital have brought with themselves of one and a half ten insurgents. Including the future killer #1 Alexander Solonika (Sasha Macedonian) which then has run away from jails and was in federal search. ` Kurgan ` before were poor that it was all the same, whom and as ` to bring down ` if only for it have well paid - militiamen tell.
the first by request orehovskih gangsters of Solonik has shot in a disco At FOXES ` Sa the thief in the law Valery Dlugacha (Globe), then has shot on Volokolamsk of highway another baumanskogo the legalist Vladislav Vannera (Bobon), and its driver. There were also other murders in interclan war, but in the majority they remained behind consequence frameworks. And on September, 13th, 1994 has been blown up Mercedes in which there was Silvestr. A crime then have hung up on baumanskuju grouping - to whom as not it, was to revenge for the leaders. But all has appeared on - to another.
In October of the same year Solonik has got under a militian round-up of Petrovsko - Razumovsky the market - it has shot three field investigators and one security guard and has been detained only after to him have raked a kidney. In prison hospital Solonik has unexpectedly started to give evidences. He has told, how killed thieves in the law Silvestra (with it Kurgan have finished that has not paid Timothies for the performed work), and also about many other crimes. Has mentioned even that has filled up a trump as at Krasnopresnensky baths but eventually its participation in murder of Otari Kvantrishvili it was not possible to prove. In some months after arrest of Solonik by means of the supervisor has made runaway from a pre-trial detention centre and has for a long time disappeared from Russia. Its corpse have found in the end of January, 1997 in Greece. That he is killed, militias have informed koptevskie gangsters. They with kurgantsami had special abacus.

Strangers among the
In the middle of 90 - h, after death of Silvestra, Kurgan have got over from Orehova on the north of Moscow where them took under the wing koptevskie gangsters. In this grouping then there was a big reorganisation. On places thieves in the law never sitting sportsmen were put forward. They gravitated to business, than to a crime more. For protection of interests it insurgents also were required. These functions have incurred Kurgan . They have quickly enough sweethearted local authorities . Koligov and Ignatov have converged with brothers Alexander and Vasily Naumovymi, the first persons in Kopteve. But for the last this friendship has turned back a trouble.
in March, 1995 on the Leningrad highway have shot Alexander Naumov. People from its environment then have one after another started to disappear and perish. All it has ended with Vasily Naumov`s murder which in the middle of January, 1997 have shot near a building of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow.
for Naumov`s funeral has gathered the person hundred not less - told to the correspondent one of koptevskih ` authorities `. - But its friends of Neljubina, Koligova, Ignatov among come were not. An enlightenment has come in some days when newspapers have informed on detention of the first suspects on this business. All of them have appeared ` Kurgan `. Only then we have understood, who such ` Kurgan ` actually. Before nobody thought that Alexander, Vasily and others was killed by them.
but as it has appeared, friends to kill most easier. Especially when all about them you know: where they happen, with whom sleep, who and as them protects. They cleaned the person, took its place, and ` arrows translated ` on others .
the Leader of grouping Andrey Koligova took in the Sheremetyevo - 2. In the beginning it have planted for storage of the drugs found at detention, and already have then accused of gangsterism. Oleg Neljubina in the summer of 1997 was given out by police of the Netherlands (there it also was suspected of murder, but anything it has not been proved). From Kurgan authorities it was not possible to catch only Vasily Ignatov who too has disappeared abroad. On interceptions of its phone calls home it is known that Ignatov called the insurgents to destroy viruses which prevent to live to us . He meant employees of Moscow criminal investigation department who caught participants of grouping, and the journalists telling about it. But to carry out its wishes gathered nobody.
all in the conclusion there were 15 Kurgan gangsters. Two from them, Neljubin and the regular killer of grouping Andrey Zelenin, have not lived before the consequence termination - them have killed in a pre-trial detention centre in January of last year. if them will plant, we will get them and in prison - warned journalists gangsters with which leaders have finished kurgantsy.
From all this sensational case the court was reached only by seven murders (except that, weapon storage, extortion and so forth) . Episodes with murders of Bobona, the Globe, Silvestra, Alexander Naumov and many other things will not be considered in connection with death of customers and executors. Kurgantsam it is necessary to be responsible for Vasily Naumov`s murders and sankt - the Petersburg businessman Andrey Lukashova whom they have shot in October, 1996.
Besides, by it it is made five more murders, thus among victims there were also members of the most Kurgan grouping. Getting rid of ordinary insurgents who were participants of loud crimes, leaders under different pretexts enticed them for a city. There under barrels of pistols forced to dig tombs and shot at a nape.
as inspectors of Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor and field investigators of Moscow criminal investigation department tell, investigation of the crimes made by grouping, is not finished yet. In process of gathering of proofs to gangsters new accusations will be brought. Nevertheless, as the term of investigation on business of a Kurgan gang has expired, business have directed to Moscow City Court. Kurgan demand, that them judged in the Moscow regional court. They hope that they will be justified by jurymen. Inspectors not against: only the jury sentences now to the death penalty.