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Seleznev has again passed road to Zyuganov

the session of the State Duma Planned for April, 15th of dismissal of the president about
  Seleznev has again passed road to Zyuganov
the session of the State Duma Planned for April, 15th of dismissal of the president from a post has unexpectedly appeared in doubt. The speaker of the Duma Gennady Seleznev on yesterday`s a press - conferences in Interfax has declared that now, maybe, not so successful moment for impeachment . Words of the visible communist obviously disperse from a position of party leader Gennady Zyuganov which last days time and again underlined that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to postpone impeachment do not intend.

on impeachment Seleznev has explained The thought on inopportuneness of session to that When there is a war in Yugoslavia, the society wants consolidation . According to the speaker, now in deputy associations the question on possible carrying over of consideration of a question on impeachment is just discussed. However, this note, seemingly, does not concern fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation: its leader last days repeatedly declared (not only from itself personally, but also on behalf of all left-wing parties) that the opposition does not agree carrying over.
Seleznev not for the first time goes without cadence with the companions in general and Gennady Zyuganov in particular. It is enough to remember that in the end of the last year he has publicly declared intention to propose the candidature on presidential election - 2000, if he will be obliged by party . Zyuganov who, naturally, is assured that party if and will oblige only him, did not begin then to show discontent, having limited to a phrase on duty: Both the party will solve, and will be . However many journalists and politicians already then have drawn a conclusion that the speaker is quite ready to independent game on an oppositional field.
it is possible to consider Seleznev`s yesterday`s statement as one more step to independence. The speaker even in absentia podiskutiroval with Zyuganov, having declared that carrying over of terms of voting it is not basic, it will break nothing and will not stop procedure of impeachment . The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, on the contrary, is assured what to discharge the president it is necessary as soon as possible of what it has not failed to remind yesterday once again right after joint session of chambers of parliament.
by the way, the speaker of the State Duma - not the unique representative left, the supported carrying over of voting by impeachment. So, past Friday the similar position was stated by one of leaders the Spiritual heritage Alexey Podberezkin. Its argument a little than differs from seleznevskoj: In the present conditions connected with Yugoslavia, we should consolidate all political forces and power branches . And if the speaker some more tens moderate Duma oppositionists support, that, possibly, companion Zyuganov should reflect seriously on how to provide submission of the higher Duma management to party discipline.