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The Baltic university has struck the NATO back

the Management of the State Baltic technical university in a sign prot
  the Baltic university has struck the NATO back
the Management of the State Baltic technical university in protest at NATO bombardments of Yugoslavia has dismissed four professors - the Americans teaching to the future engineers marketing and English language. The administration considers that representatives of the country - an aggressor cannot be teachers in peaceful Russia. Scientists silently are perplexed: after all they did not allow the slightest occasion to suspect them of active support of NATO bombardments.

the American teachers Susan Hekmann, Gvin Jeremiah, Guy Hokker and Christopher Powers have arrived to St.-Petersburg on an interuniversity exchange in 1996 - 1998 and at once have received professorial posts in GBTU of Dmitry Ustinova (were Voenmeh ) . They worked at faculty of the international business and communications, teaching to students marketing in English. Both students, and a high school management were happy with Americans. The salary at the western teachers was same, as well as at their Russian colleagues: on 16 - mu to category ETS.
on March, 23rd, on the eve of bombardments of Serbia, the rector of university Yury Savelyev has caused all professors to itself and has warned that if the NATO will execute the threat, all Americans will be dismissed. Professors have concerned this statement easy and at all have not informed on it in the American consulate.
teachers have stayed in hostages of a big-times politics not for long. Threat of the rector has been executed the next day - after the first blows of the NATO across Yugoslavia. All four professors have been dismissed during staff redundancies . It had been paid the severance pay and indemnification for not used holiday. We consider that they as representatives of the USA, have forfeited the moral right to teach to the Russian students - the rector of the Baltic university Yury Savelyev has explained to the correspondent the decision.
Appeared among dismissed to a national sign the professor from Los - Andzhelesa Guy Hokker has declared to journalists that actions of administration of high school have caused in it explosion of emotions . We dreamt to help Russia and worked almost as volunteers - after all I received all about 100 dollars a month - the American teacher has declared. In its opinion, the national sign as Americans did not pass an opinion to anybody the position of the conflict of the NATO and Serbia became the unique reason of dismissal.
nevertheless Hokker hopes that the order for dismissal will be excellent also to it it will be possible to continue work at university.
these reprisals have appeared not the first conflict of administration GBTU to the American authorities. In February, 1998 the Washington Post newspaper has published article as which affirmed, as if in Voenmehe prepare the Iranian experts in the field of rocket technologies. After this article, according to Yury Savelyev, the large quantity of every possible checks, and the senate of the USA has fallen upon high school the special decision has blacklisted high school. The international contracts have been blocked some, and teachers of university have ceased to invite to the international conferences in the NATO countries. Checks have ended directly ahead of described events - in March.
the facts have not proved to be true, and now sanctions should be removed, however insult to the USA at a high school management, most likely, remained, and events in Yugoslavia have appeared to pay back with a successful occasion to Americans.

ANDREY - TSYGANOV, St.-Petersburg