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Luzhkov has replaced Berezovsky

the Blitz - Yury Luzhkov`s visit to Baku has reminded Boris Berezovsky`s recent trips in
  Luzhkov has replaced Berezovsky
the Blitz - Yury Luzhkov`s visit to Baku has reminded Boris Berezovsky`s recent trips to commonwealth capitals. The mayor of Moscow sharply criticised were ispolseka the CIS. However now it has appeared in the same role of the political direct-sales representative who is carrying out the commission of the Kremlin and not forgetting about own interests.

the Main output of a trip of the Moscow town governor consists in Baku that Yury Luzhkov is literally two days prior to the summit of the CIS in Moscow has managed if not to prevent commonwealth split at least to soften relations of Russia and Azerbaijan.
In Baku Luzhkov acted not as the mayor of capital of Russia, and as the proxy emissary of the Kremlin. For conversation confidentially it was accepted by the president of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev. Its themes have not been limited at all by cooperation of two capitals. Problems of mutual relations were in detail discussed with Russia and a situation in the CIS. At Baku enough irritation a policy of Moscow has collected. Last months Azerbaijan methodically and consistently let know: if there will be no changes, at a meeting of leaders of the CIS in Moscow on April, 2nd there will be a grandiose scandal. Detention at the Baku airport " became last such signal; Ruslana with six Instants onboard, which, under the statement of Azerbaijan, flied to Belgrad.
scandal threatened to become a detonator for a landslide exit from the CIS others dissatisfied. Admit it Moscow could not. In the Kremlin well know about kind relations of the Moscow mayor with the president of Azerbaijan. Not casually The central fuel company 100 which % of actions belong to the government of Moscow, it is authorised to work on the Caspian shelf of Azerbaijan. Therefore the choice has fallen on Luzhkov to whom have charged to execute delicate mission umirotvoritelja.
It already Boris Yeltsin`s second commission which the Moscow mayor carries out lately. The trip to Paris was the first. Yury Luzhkov`s visit to France was planned for a long time and promised to be routine. But after Primakov has developed the plane going to the USA, and after it many politicians of the most different calibre have refused contacts to the West, Luzhkov`s visit has got exclusiveness. The mayor has not cancelled a trip to the country participating in bombardments of brothers - Serbs. Also has there and then received the invitation to the Kremlin.
Luzhkov became an embodiment of the Russian policy alternative primakovskoj. In the West gesture of the Kremlin have regarded as a sign on that Boris Yeltsin sees in Luzhkov alternative to Primakov and as the successor. In Paris the Moscow mayor accepted almost with presidential honours, having forgotten about its radicalism in a question on Sevastopol and Crimea.
from Baku Luzhkov too has come back treated kindly, topped not only the cap presented to it there. It has brought much more powerful gift - Ruslan with its crew. It is advance payment and de-facto recognition of the Moscow mayor by the near abroad as one of the basic applicants for a post of the head of the Russian state.