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Boris Yeltsin: we have got stuck halfway from planned command economy to normal, market

the Full text of performance of the president before Federal meeting on March, 30th
  Boris Yeltsin: we have got stuck halfway from planned command economy to normal, market
the Full text of performance of the president before Federal meeting on March, 30th

Respected Egor Semenovich, Gennady Nikolaevich, all members of Federal meeting!
Today according to the Constitution I represent you the annual message. But for the first time my performance occurs during so dramatic moment.
NATO blows across Yugoslavia Proceed. Bypassing the UN Security Council, contrary to its charter. Contrary to reason and common sense. People perish. Under the threat - international law foundations. But crisis on the Balkans demands from us not emotional estimations, and the weighed, responsible actions. More and more politicians understand: the brute force in such situations will solve nothing.
Russia has made the choice. In the military conflict to involve itself we will not allow. I do all for the prompt termination of the armed actions. This morning under my commission Evgenie Maksimovich Primakov has departed to Yugoslavia. You know - at the moment of representation of the message the chairman of the government always in a hall. But now it is impossible to lose time. Primakov from me has received all instructions. I think, our word in this conflict will solve much. We try to keep the world from the next split.
but the first our duty - not to admit dissonance in the country. Citizens of Russia, of course, worry about Yugoslavia. But it is even more - for the country. Our weight on the world scene depends on how we solve a problem at home. And, means, the order in the power is necessary. The consent in a society. Stability in economy and social sphere.
however events of last time have sharply lifted political temperature. Irresponsible and nervous statements are made. The authorities do not hide claims to each other. Who is guilty in crisis? Who has untwisted inflation? Who has driven into a corner real sector of economy? Speaking about today`s crisis, all remember only on August, 17th. But before August there was a July. Hot month when the government has prepared the anti-recessionary program. And the IMF on its basis has made the decision of allocation of the first tranche of the credit.
the State Duma has rejected this program. Neither I, nor Kirienko`s government could not protect it. The Duma has given a bad omen to investors. A sign that the power is not ready to take responsibility for rigid, but the unique decisions.
(noise in a hall.)
Now Primakov`s government should take as a matter of fact the same measures. Only in more severe conditions. But I left not to accuse and not to justify. From us not for it wait. We - the power, and we are obliged to operate.
before the country - the most complicated problems. The first - to leave crisis, having kept all completeness economic and political freedoms. Another, not less important, - to generate the new authorities. For this purpose according to the Constitution adequately, in time to hold an election. And I guarantee that these elections will be spent fairly and purely.
to solve these problems, without having removed social pressure, it will not turn out. Here again it is the extremely important not to disappoint hope of people. Not to create superfluous expectations. The power and so has much lost on promises of fast and easy reforms. Not all was possible to us. We have got stuck halfway from planned command economy to normal, market. And now at us ugly model - a hybrid of two systems.
Today all - both right, and left - equally want, that Russia became rich power. That people had a prosperity. Means, in the main thing of disagreements is not present. The basic means of achievement of this purpose is competitiveness of Russia. Its authority in the world markets. And all actions of the authorities should be estimated from a position - strengthen or they weaken ability of the country to compete to other states. Competitiveness is that boundary behind which we can leave all disputes, all disagreements.
it is senseless to transform the plan into a scarecrow, and monetarism - in panacea from all troubles. Them it is possible to improve the market, and it is possible to ruin the economic initiative. All business in how them to use. For example, for regions the plan lowered from above is simply pernicious. New centralisation only will destroy fragile market institutes.
and the government duty - is more, even more to expand independence of regions. Let`s remember, how on - to a miscellaneous our territories at the moment of August crisis behaved. There, where removed a sharpness at the expense of market, instead of especially administrative measures, have extended a situation.
it is absolutely assured: economy of Russia only from the centre we will not lift. Here again there is a good field for the consent with regions. There is a business prospect for work with governors, with local government. Passed half a year - term considerable.
the big achievement of these months that we have not swept sharply downwards. Here again Evgenie Maksimovicha Primakov`s obvious merit.
now in government work, especially it financially - the economic block, there should come essentially new stage. Before start of elections - only six months. This time should be used not only on latanie holes. It is time to confirm new priorities, major of which - economic competitiveness of Russia.
the main condition of success - people. We are obliged to return their energy, their initiative in economy. It is our country, here again to live to our children. People should not feel favourites on own earth. Should be assured of force of the law, in stability of economic rules. All it is especially significant for support of new estate of Russians. Independent people who want to live as free citizens of the free country. It, perhaps, - our basic resource on vyrost.
I will not begin to speak in detail about concrete methods of the decision of economic problems. I in the message have stated the economic instruction. It is base for government work.
dear members of Federal meeting!
already in the beginning of next century Russia should go level with leading powers of the world. To build relations with them on self-esteem and partnership. If we again miss our chance - no references to difficulties of growth any more will pass. And gate in the future will slam for ever.
It well understand not only supporters, but also inveterate opponents of reforms. Offer the recipes. And it is unimportant that words at them new. It is important that thoughts the same, old. In economy us on - former call to directive plans. In work with the press - to the same censorship. In foreign policy - to return of cold war, to refusal of integration into the world economy. Call for appointment of heads of regions from the centre.
actually it is the revenge program. Alternative one - arrival of new people to the Russian political case. Also we will do it only through national elections. We will not allow to steal at the people its main right - the right to a choice.
the pendulum of preferences in a democratic society constantly shakes - at the left - to the right and on the contrary. My position: to us are necessary both left, and right. The healthy society without opposition is impossible.
One cannot be admitted, that it operated outside the limits of the law, irresponsibly shook a political pendulum on dangerous amplitude. What today the extremism lifts a head, the power is guilty. You well know, how our legal base is weak. As it is difficult to classify tricks of political hooligans for lack of the law.
there is also other problem. Already today during regional elections the power faces a frank crime. With dirty elective receptions. With payoff and a direct deceit of voters when elections turn to a farce.
we will rigidly stop similar practice. Here again I hope to find serious support at governors, at federation Council, at the State Duma.
elections in all regions we will spend adequately. From this tribune firmly I declare: on December elections there will be no favourites. There will be no indulgences and advantages. There will be no party in power.
(noise in a hall.)
to the State and a society threatens nothing, while the Constitution is observed, and elections go under its schedule. We trust in wisdom of the people of Russia and completely we trust its choice. It is convinced: pure, spotless people will come to the new Duma. Not professional patriots, and patriotically adjusted professionals.
on a threshold of elections disputes round the Constitution have again become aggravated. We by preparation of the recent joint statement of the authorities have stated the position. In pre-election race to suffice hands the Constitution dangerously. Is inadmissible to change the Constitution behind the back of those who goes on change to the present Duma. They will have ideas, the political reasons. Let`s give the chance to them understand - to make amendments or not. And to solve, which.
certainly to prepare soil for this work it is necessary. We will carry out Therefore consultations of the Duma and of federation Council. Within the limits of work under the Constitution we will discuss pluses and minuses of the government of the parliamentary majority. Thus we will consider also experience of a present office, whose support in the Duma is known. I the supporter of that all branches of the power worked with each other more closely.
here and today upon termination of session at the initiative of Gennady Nikolaevicha we with chairmen of chambers will hold a working meeting. Certainly, we will discuss Kosovo. And also a current situation in our economy and the politician.
dear members of Federal meeting! Dear visitors!
the message not casually is called Russia on a boundary of epoch . This boundary - not simply change of millenia. It - in full sense a historical fork. New Russia became possible only thanks to a choice of Russians. And only behind them the right to solve: to go on this difficult way or cowardly to turn back.
We always remember - our power was born from will of the people and should serve its interests.
by the way, we have forgotten that in election campaign there was a slogan: to struggle with different privileges.
(laughter in a hall.)
We have forgotten recently about this our promise to voters.
(shout in a hall: Begin with itself! )
It is necessary to return to this question and thoroughly to understand on all branches of the power - and the president too!
leaning against the Constitution, everyone in Russia has the right to demand respect for and for the legitimate rights. Have the right, going on elections, to vote only to responsible people. To estimate them on decency and professional suitability. The people have the right to supervise the power and not to give to it to descent by all lawful means.
now it seems to much, as if Russia has weakened. As if it does not have not enough forces even for the decision of own problems. And consequently with it it is possible not to be considered. Are mistaken. No time difficulties are capable to translate Russia in the category of minor powers. Difficulties will not break, but only will rally the nation. Will temper its will and will strengthen spirit.
the third millenium - already on a threshold. Russia will reckon from it a new epoch. Also I trust is there will be an epoch of Russia.
I thank for attention.
(the applause which has not outgrown in an ovation.)