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Butlegery earn $7 mlrd in a year

For a year citizens of Russia drink about five billions bottles counterfeit in
  Butlegery earn $7 mlrd in a year
For a year citizens of Russia drink about five billions bottles of counterfeit vodka. Incomes butlegerov, by various estimations, make $6 - 7 mlrd in a year. How to direct this money to the budget, heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB and tax police solved yesterday on joint board. And head of the Office of the President Alexander Voloshin present at meeting has declared that the crime from alcohol manufacture needs to be forced out, and legal manufacturers can always count on Boris Yeltsin`s support.

Officially in Russia is on sale an order 5 mlrd half litre bottles of vodka in a year. That is about thirty bottles on each of 140 million Russians. Approximately as much sell teneviki. From the beginning 90 - h butlegery have created a powerful network on spirit import, manufacture and alcohol realisation in Russia. Now in this system work hundred thousand persons. And the prices for vodka made by them, naturally, several times more low, than at legal manufacturers: teneviki after all do not pay to the state of any gathering and duties. The rate of return of illegal immigrants makes over 300 %, for a year they earn about $6 - 7 mlrd (about third of incomes of the budget accepted for 1999). This money goes on manufacture expansion, a covering of losses from activity of law enforcement bodies, payment criminal roofs payoff of officials (depending on a post of the sum of bribes fluctuate from $100 thousand to $500 thousand) .
Yesterday this theme was discussed on joint board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB and FSNP. The government represented vitse - prime minister Gennady Kulik, Presidential Administration - Alexander Voloshin. Actually this meeting became the report of heads of power departments on performance of the decree of the president About state control strengthening in sphere of manufacture and a turn of ethyl spirit and alcoholic production (it is signed on October, 6th last year).
Results the following: during action of the decree field investigators have closed about 4 thousand underground shops, have withdrawn more than 5 million decalitres of forged alcoholic production, from which 315 thousand decalitres represented direct danger to life and health of buyers.
tens illegal channels on import to Russia alcoholic production have been liquidated. Thus, as it was marked on board, criminals use some schemes. One of ways has been laid through a free economic zone in the Kaliningrad region. With the connivance of customs officers on alcoholic production were made out false commodity - nomenclature codes therefore criminals had an opportunity to hide the most part of the incomes of the taxation. As a result of FSB operations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and tax police in the budget has arrived about 150 million roubles.
the North Caucasian alcoholic mafia, in particular in the North Ossetia rather actively operates. Only there law enforcement officers and special services have closed about 200 underground shops and factories. After a number of successful operations smugglers had to change tactics. Now they forward left vodka to Moscow, St.-Petersburg and other big cities of the centre of Russia (the basic consumers of underground alcohol) through Eastern Siberia and the Far East.
despite successes, struggle with butlegerami far is not ended. fundamental change has not come yet - have noted on board. That to break Will be and further, there are no doubts. Billions dollars which are passing by the budget, that stand.