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The candidate

in Ekaterinburg is killed Yesterday have shot the candidate legislative sobrani
  the candidate
Yesterday in Ekaterinburg have shot the candidate of Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk area, the head of Fund of social protection of invalids of special divisions 33 - summer Yury Altshulja. It was considered as one of the most active fighters with uralmashevskoj criminal grouping.

in the Morning on Tuesday Yury Altshul accompanied by security guards has gone on a business meeting on white BMW - 525. In the street Krestinsky at the car from the several parties have fired from the automatic weapon. The part of bullets has left towards nearby school. Fortunately, anybody from children has not suffered.
the riddled car on full speed ran into a column. Altshul has died on the spot, both its bodyguards have been wounded. Them to finish gangsters did not become. Having approached to the broken foreign car, they have made a control shot in a head of Altshulju, have thrown automatic machines and have disappeared.
some years ago Yury Altshul ordered special division of army investigation. In 1994 it has appeared the hero of scandal when its fighters have spent “ zachistku “ 32 - go a military camp in Ekaterinburg from “ Caucasians “. Officially liquidation of narcobrothels and shops on manufacture of false vodka was the special action purpose. Against Altshulja then have filed criminal charges for drawing of heavy physical injuries. It has avoided prison not without the aid of one of Pavel Feduleva`s who is now under arrest on charge in large swindle the most influential local businessmen.
In the same 1994 Altshul has left army in a rank of the captain and became the chairman of Fund of social protection of invalids of special divisions. And has soon headed security service Feduleva. With it Altshul has worked till autumn of 1998, time and again protecting the businessman from uralmashevskih the gangsters applying for hydrolytic factories belonging to Fedulevu (in detail told about these events).
Then Altshul has left protection of Feduleva at own will. He has explained to journalists that the former chief Άpostupil with it it is dishonourable, has not stood test by the power and money and in general it has appeared is too young and sopliv “. Having quarrelled with the employer, Altshul cut half-and-half boards of Feduleva and used a good Finnish paper on which they are printed, for fund correspondence.
recently Altshul was the ataman of the Central district of the Isetsky line of the Orenburg Cossack army and actively politicised. In February of this year it has been registered by the candidate on by-election in Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk area. Elections should take place in 10 days. It is known that in 9 - m Ordzhonikidzevsky one-mandatory district on which Altshul stood, are historically strong positions all the same uralmashevskoj groupings.

VICTOR - SMIRNOV, Ekaterinburg