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At me has simply knocked out tear

Participants of session about the message of the president:
  At me has simply knocked out tear
Participants of session about the message of the president:

Yury Masljukov, the first vitse - the prime minister:
- I consider that the president correctly told all. If something was not pleasant to me, it does not mean that he spoke incorrectly.
Egor Stroev, the chairman of the council of federation:
- the Message, by estimations of many councillors of federation, was validly and structurally in relation to Federal meeting as a whole.
Gennady Seleznev, the chairman of the State Duma:
- the Message is sustained in traditional style. The economic part marks many lacks of the spent reforms. The document as, probably, also it is peculiar to any such document, is declarative enough, there there are no pragmatical moments. At the same time I have not seen in it the sharp criticism to the government, in it warm words to the prime minister of Russia Evgenie Primakov contain. In an economic part of the message it is much marked lacks, critical remarks. In a political part year 1999 - j, year of elections goes a refrain. Good words that elections should be fair were said many. The main thing that it was actually.
Yury Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow:
- Problems of Yugoslavia are stated by the president correctly. The basic accents are correctly placed. At the same time in questions of internal life in the message it is a lot of disputable. Unfortunately, in it it has not been specified, what measures within this year should be accepted on support of real sector of economy and on a home market establishment in the state, that is co-operative communications. I also have not heard the event analysis on August, 17th. It seemed to me that accents of the reasons of crisis were basically political, and it is necessary to search for the main reason in how problems in the government within six years by misters Gaydar, Chubajsom and Tchernomyrdin were solved.
Mintimer Shaymiev, president Tatarii:
- Boris Yeltsin`s Performance reflects position in a society. I listen every year to messages, in all of them is correct, the main thing then - all it to realise. I agree with position about inadmissibility of appointment of chief executives in regions. I from the very beginning said that this process is already irreversible.
Alexander Lebed, the governor of Krasnoyarsk region:
- I can not tell anything good and anything bad. The message on duty. And the mention of privileges has simply knocked out at me tear...
Edward Rossel, the governor of Sverdlovsk area:
- the Report of the president has left at me very good impression. I especially agree with words about democracy in Russia, that elections in the State Duma should take place in December and the president will make for this purpose all possible. Yeltsin perfectly criticised ideas of appointment of heads of subjects of Federation. Governors, mayors and deputies should be selected. This our basic gain.
Gennady Zyuganov, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation:
- the Given message the president has shown full incapacity fairly and competently to answer problems particularly put by life. The head of the state not in a condition even to say high-grade speech in the extremely tragical and a hard time. Questions promised to answer - did not answer. All message proceeded 15 minutes, and no substantial part there is present. This last message of mister Yeltsin to the Russian people, its farewell to the country. Now abundantly clear that impeachment is inevitable.
Vladimir Ryzhkov, the leader of fraction of NDR:
- I am disappointed by the message and disappointed by performance of the president. In my opinion, the president has not given a deep estimation of the reasons of present crisis in Russia. The message should define directions of strategic planning, specify in how the country will develop further. In the present message of it was not, the overcoming the crisis is not offered.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of fraction of LDPR:
- Good performance. Best of all last performances. Shortly and accurately. An exact position across the Balkans: we in war are not involved, but it we will stop. Inside too: it is necessary to stop to disturb to reforms, to hold an election of freely, any favourites, any party in power, all elections should be fair and pure. The president wants, that to the power new, pure people have come. I have understood that it has made a hint that does not want that to the power communists and extremists - radicals have come.
Oleg Morozov, the leader of group the Russian regions :
is not the message, and a certain political statement for a present situation and forthcoming elections. I have not heard essentially new president in performance. More convex representation by the president of responsibility of parliament for economic development of a society became unique such moment. But it is a disputable position.
Nikolay Ryzhkov, the leader of group Democracy :
- the Report has caused many doubts. On the one hand, the president speaks about necessity of prevalence of the planned beginning for economy, with another - about necessity of a competition. And the emphasis on absence of the party in power on forthcoming elections means that the president does not have successor. There is also one more serious passage: about forces of a revenge which pull back all society. But, unfortunately, the head of the state has told nothing that it for forces...
Sergey Ivanenko, zamrukovoditelja fractions the Apple :
- We already in the fifth time here, and each time same: Like it is written and all is told correctly and when year comes to an end, found out that is made nothing. But Boris Yeltsin`s statement that the basic strategic priority of reforms is market, instead of mobilisation economy, very true. In it the fraction of the president completely supports. The mobilisation economy of the Soviet type will not promote an exit of the country from crisis and will be disastrous for Russia. For fraction it was very important that the president has accurately designated the position in this question.