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Chechens have blocked the oil pipeline, from - for which war

Under the decision " has begun; CHechentransnefti the Chechen site of the pipeline of Baku &mdash is blocked; It is new
  Chechens have blocked the oil pipeline, from - for which war
Under the decision CHechentransnefti the Chechen site of the pipeline of Baku - Novorossisk is blocked. The management of the Chechen Republic asserts that this decision has no political underlying reason. However the pipe remains for the Chechen Republic almost a last resort of pressure upon the Russian authorities, and oil swapping has been stopped after some days ago Dagestan has completely blocked checheno - the Dagestan border.

the Agreement on conditions of swapping of early Caspian oil on a route of Baku - Novorossisk on the site of the oil pipeline passing through territory of the Chechen Republic, has been concluded CHechentransneftju the Ministry of Finance of the Chechen Republic, the Russian Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Fuel and Energy in the spring of last year. It was supposed that in 1998 on it will pass 2 million t oil. For its transit the Russian authorities should pay to the Chechen Republic $7,5 million
As a result of the verification which have passed in this year of figures between CHechentransneftju and by Mintopom it was found out that oil it has been pumped over on a quarter more. Therefore CHechentransneft should receive from the Russian authorities for transit about $10 million According to Ministry of Fuel and Energy, CHechentransneft has received from the Ministry of Finance more than $5 million about 100 million rbl. the Russian authorities remained should.
By words a press - the secretary of the president of the Chechen Republic Majrbeka Vachagaeva, having blocked the oil pipeline, the republic authorities have put forward the only stipulation - about immediate payment of this debt., As he said, the Chechen Republic did not pursue any political ends.
nevertheless the pipeline has been blocked after Dagestan some days ago has completely blocked dagestano - the Chechen border (as a result some honeycombs of citizens, according to Vachagaeva, have literally appeared hostages ) And the Chechen army has been resulted in a condition of full alertness in connection with flights of the Russian helicopters over territory of the Chechen Republic ( told about it yesterday). Conditions are complicated also by that in republic there is no Aslan Maskhadov: it makes hadzh in Saudi Arabia.
of Ministry of Fuel and Energy are assured that the Chechen Republic hardly will disconnect Russia from a pipe for a long time as in the future through the pipeline of Baku - Novorossisk is supposed to be pumped over annually about 7 million t oil in a year. And the money received from transit hardly probable not a unique way of Ichkeria legally to earn to Russia. If the pipeline is blocked for a long time, at foreign investors (such as British Petroleum Amoco), occupied one more argument in favour of full reorientation of streams of early oil will arise oil extracting together with the State oil company of Azerbaijan. In this case oil will go only on alternative to a thread Baku - Dzhejhan (its building only is planned), not passing neither on territory of Russia, nor through the Chechen Republic.
in the Chechen Republic for certain it understand. Clearness in a situation can bring returning in the Chechen Republic Aslan Maskhadov. According to its press - the secretary, the president plans to return to Grozny in some days. Probably, Russian government will manage to persuade Maskhadov to agree on a delay of payment of a debt.