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the Agent 007 writes leaves in mountains
  About what the foreign press
the Agent 007 leaves in mountains

Sean Connery declared the intention to return to Scotland. The British Daily Telegraph newspaper writes that to the well-known actor has bored to play a golf on the Bahamas and now it intends to bring the feasible contribution to struggle for independence of the native land.

68 - summer Sean Connery in the course of time has not lost drops of the appeal. Moreover, its numerous fans consider that since James Bond the well-known Scot who has won Hollywood, became much more interesting. The respectable age has not affected in any way force of its spirit, predilections and belief. It concerns not only riding, game in a golf or love to refined grades of scotch whisky. According to many British, Connery repeatedly publicly calling for struggle for independence of Scotland, was and remained the terry Scottish nationalist.
it is necessary to tell that these charges are not deprived the bases. Since 1991 the actor is the active adherent of the Scottish nationalist party, and supports it not only morally, but also is material, allocating for party needs annually 50 thousand pounds sterling (about $80 thousand) . By the way, the Scottish nationalists - unique political party of Great Britain, opposing bombardments of Serbia.
according to Daily Telegraph, Connery who has usually spent in the homeland of some months in year, is occupied now by estate searches in vicinities of Edinburgh. The actor does not hide intention not only to settle on the historical native land, but also to take active part in its political life, for example in parliamentary elections of Scotland already during the current year. Party fellows have met the decision of the well-known fellow countryman with the big enthusiasm, expecting to win thus with shattering overweight local labourites (by the way, on hearings, for participation in election campaign it will be invited and Gibson who so brilliantly struggled for independence of Scotland with the British enslavers in a film " Swept; Brave heart that couple of years has received for it practically all " back; Oscars ) .
Now Sean Connery, with alarm writes the newspaper, is adjusted rather resolutely. For example, the actor has declared recently to journalists that has had an opportunity to achieve at last something real, significant and interesting. To me has bothered to be engaged only in games in a golf and idleness . He considers that could make for Scotland much more and on international scene, representing interests of simple Scots as it has already gained their trust, having suffered from political repressions. We will remind that last year the nominee Connery included in the list of British, put forward on reception of a knightly title, has not been confirmed by the authorities of Great Britain. According to the actor, it has been made exclusively on to political grounds . However, its ill-wishers consider that it has occurred more likely from - for the careless interview, given Connery to magazine Playboy 30 years ago where he suggested to legalise corporal punishments for women.
However, without dependence how there will be its political career, on the Bahamas Connery is not going to get rid of the magnificent house yet. But, as he said, the estate in Scotland becomes it the basis that, besides, will allow it to see son Jayson living together with the wife and children nearby to Borders more often. Besides, the nearest plans of the actor include creation of a national Scottish film studio in Edinburgh, after all independent Scotland should do the utmost for the organisation of own film industry which could compete to Hollywood adequately.